Visitors' Gallery October 2014
My awesome new 60's coat bought from the gorgeous @lace_andliquor at today's @Vintage_Village
The word is out - I love gonks! This little chap was from @suzylovesmilo and I adore him. #vintagevillageuk
My new purchase in situ from @Vintage_Village colour and music are life 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

[Editor's note: lovely blue record player on legs from RetroFunky].
Grey Monday cure from @lace_andliquor 🌻

Ace 1950s Italian plate, and NOS birthday/new year banners - in a kitschy log font - from the stylish @shadylanevintageuk ladies. #vintagevillageuk

@Vintage_Village Southport not Stockport sadly. Lovely Portmeirion Chemist Pottery from the Steampunk stallholder.

[Editor's note: that will be @shabbycheeky].
A gift from dear @gemsbitsnbobs! Little moon boy. #vintagevillageuk

Well, we saw lots of people, and lots of bulging shopping bags, but we didn't see a lot of photos this month!  Everyone must have been too busy browsing!

Thank you to everyone who shared their photos, and if you'd like to contribute just tweet your photos @Vintage_Village or post them on our Facebook page.  If you're on Instagram, please add the hashtag #vintagevillageuk so we can find them.

Stephen Marland (via FB):
Stephen Hale gifted egg cups happily at home

[Editor's note: Mr Hale is the proprietor of Modernist Mid-Century].
Boomerang Vintage & Retro (via FB):
Young Steven modelling a lovely Halloween cardigan available from Shady Lane Vintage. We think it looks rather fetching!
Thrilled with this 60s tablecloth from Serendipity. And it had the printed selvedge so I know it's a Bernard Wardle print called Barbican. #vintagevillageuk
Stephen Marland (via FB):
Blast off!
Via - Vintage Village at Stockport Market Hall

Always time for an award winning Stockport @LordofthePiesGB @Vintage_Village 🍴
Cute little sweeping brush, in All Our Yesterday's amazing £2.00 sale. #vintagevillageuk