Visitors' Gallery October 2012

The Vintage Village Sabrina Fair was an appropriately sparkling event, with favourable - indeed mostly sunny - weather, and lots and lots of lovely vintage for visitors to peruse.

The canny bunch, these visitors gathered some choice pieces to take home, and you can see a few of them here - all shared via the power of Twitter.

Big thanks to everyone who posted photos this month, you've succeeded in making me very envious once again!  Especially as this time I was so rushed off my feet I didn't get a chance to browse myself . . .

As always, the photos link back to their original source, and click on the Twitter names to see who has such great taste!

If you would like to contribute to our Visitors' Gallery, please post your photo @Vintage_Village on Twitter, or you can post it on our Facebook page if you prefer.  If you can credit the trader/s you acquired your divine finds from, so much the better.  They all really appreciate a mention and deserve some recognition for the fine quality stock they bring along for your delight!

"You cannet tell here but the upholstery was all leopard print [cool smiley] @ Vintage village stockport"

"Only time for a quick visit today to @Vintage_Village but great buys from @jetpacmagazine

"My grabs from @Vintage_Village: Concorde suitcase for £5 and Ilford film camera for £7. #vintagejoy"

[Editor's note: suitcase from Tea for Two Vintage].

"My buys from @Vintage_Village (they are a selection of dolls clothes for Ruby to dress her LPS Blythes btw!)"

[Editor's note: orange melamine bowls from Tea for Two Vintage].

"Find of the fair @Vintage_Village I am one happy little shopper and my cards will look fab stored in here."

"I need one of these please - spotted today @Vintage_Village"

"My new bag, bought from the fair @Vintage_Village yesterday. Leather and only £2!!!"

"@vintage_village More cool cars..."

"Only time for a quick visit today to @Vintage_Village but great buys from @jetpacmagazine"

"Bought these today from @Vintage_Village Anyone recognise them?"

"Great day @Vintage_Village I got cuff links tie clip and the box for £3. That's the real steal!

"Really enjoyed 1st visit to @Vintage_Village yesterday, here's the proof! #StockportVintageMarket

"@Vintage_Village mini makeover for mini vintage village fan!"

[Editor's note: this mini makeover will have been by HMS Vintage]

"Cool cars @vintage_village today.."

"And my purchase from @Vintage_Village

"@Vintage_Village Oh my thank you, had a fabulous time as usual check out my haul this time!"

"Today buys @Vintage_Village ! To add to my collection of boxes!"

"Thanks to OH came away from @Vintage_Village with my own treasure: song sheet for Moon River & darning mushroom ♥"

"I'm not one for posing but I think this dress & jacket deserve it!"