Visitors' Gallery November 2014

Feast your eyes on my @Vintage_Village fashion purchase. Gucci, baby; designer all the way.

[Editor's note: Gucci scarf from Heirloom Rose].

Some of my treasure from #vintagevillageuk. Snap cards for labelling at my next fair from Essentially Eagle Vintage . Braid from @shadylane_vintage , I don't know what I'll use it for but love a bit of braid. Gorgeous mushroom brooch made by Fi at All Our Yesterdays . Fab cards from @gemsbitsnbobs and a new peg lady and gift tags from the very fabulous @opheliabutton. Oh and in the background woven curtains from itsewlisa. I like to back my cushions in a bit of vintage whenever possible. Xx

Great day at @Vintage_Village today two pairs of as new Trickers from Room At The Top and a Globe - Trotter suitcase

[Editor's note: Trickers shoes from Village Vintage Clothing].

My buys from today's #vintagevillageuk @vintage_village

[Editor’s note: milk glass storage jars from Diana Black Vintage, Muppet toy cubes from Shiny Shilling, Fairy Tales jigsaw from itsewlisa].

Shirley came home with my girls today from #vintagevillagestockport #stockportvintagevillage #vintagevillage #60sdoll #vintagedoll #chilterndoll

[Editor's note: from Lace and Liquor Vintage].

Lovely find from @BoomerangVnR @Vintage_Village yesterday

I got a new 60s sheepie aswell for £15, not a bad deal

I then bought a cake candle from Vintage 78 DJs , brooch and buttons from Maggie at Garbo Antiques , a gorgeous deer from Gum Drops and a bargain purse from Diana Black Vintage . Can you tell I missed last months fair because I was on my holibobs !!! Needed a fix x I've not even finished yet !!

[Editor's note: that's Goody Gum Drops Vintage].

Fantastic treats today @Vintage_Village such a haul 😊

[Editor’s note: pussy cat set in box from RetroFunky, pig family from Value Vintage, glass swan and duck from The Side Room].

Found some ladies shoes from @Afflecksfox in its Affleck & Brown days @Vintage_Village today. Manc history there.

[Editor's note: shoes from Garbo Antiques].

Tip top afternoon out @Vintage_Village. Elephants from @snyggstyle, Galt game and Portmeirion from All our yesterdays ...plate from @DianaBlack1 and of course we had cake from the lovely @STCakeDesign @Vintage_Village ...oh and how could I forget Modernist badge from @modernistsoc!

[Editor's note: I've condensed three tweets into one here, and thanks to @natainscough for being so diligent in giving credit to all the traders!]

Lisa Hoyle (FB)
Lisa Hoyle (via FB):
Some of treasures from this months fair! — at Vintage Village at Stockport Market Hall.

[Editor's note: the fruit crate labels and blue floral tin tray are from All Our Yesterdays, Auto Coffee Maker in box from Essentially Eagle Vintage].

Three editions of the Daily Mail Ideal Home Book - 1948-9, 1953-4 and 1955 - from wonderful Wayne of All Our Yesterdays. #vintagevillageuk #notforsale

This is another edible treat from @Vintage_Village today well deserved thank you @LordofthePiesGB

Can't wait to get started with this little bargain found at @Vintage_Village today!

There were some rich pickings at our Designing Britain fair on Sunday 30th, as this month's gallery amply proves.

A little confession - the title 'Visitors' Gallery' is a little bit misleading since many of the contributors are actually our traders, but, on the day of the fair, they are just as taken with all the treasures on their colleagues' stalls as our guest visitors!  So it seems churlish to exclude them on a technicality.  Especially as they're pretty good at finding good stuff!

Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to share their photos online, it's always a pleasure to see them.

If you would like to contribute to our Visitors' Gallery, just tweet your photos @Vintage_Village, or post them on our Facebook page.  If you're on Instagram please add the hashtag #vintagevillageuk so we can find them, ta!

Am very happy with my finds at Stockport @Vintage_Village today, all for only £14. Lovely lunch and museum visit too.

Some mid-century class from Snygg: Hull Traders cotton print cloth (Vancon by Olive Fisher) and gorgeous glass blobs and chunks by a Swedish company - was it Lindshammar? Thank you Alex and Alison! :) #vintagevillageuk #notforsale

I also purchased a great place mat from Sew Lisa which I'll make into a wall hanging #vintagevillageuk

[Editor's note: that's itsewlisa].

Lovely bright bits from Vintage Village! Dolls house bits from @opheliabutton, hangers, towel and glasses from Diana Black Vintage

Lovely loot from yesterday's Vintage Village: rather weird porcelain wobbly-head chap from Joanne Goody Gum Drops, 60s recipe card tin from itsewlisa, 60s ponytail girl Christmas decoration (a reluctant sale from Sue of @lace_andliquor who had it from her childhood days!) and wacky huge plastic necklace from Christine RetroFunky. #vintagevillageuk #notforsale

Stephen Marland (FB)
Stephen Marland (via Facebook):
Ladybird gold from Wayne at The Vintage Village at Stockport Market Hall

[Editor's note: that's Wayne of All Our Yesterdays].

A hoard of goodies from @opheliabutton - dolls house bits and 60s vinyl poodle, plus lovely peg doll wedding card and handmade armchair wedding gift (now my ring rest, so I don't forget it again!) #vintagevillageuk

purrrchases from @Vintage_Village y'day... (#tacotongue) Cats from @RetroFunky1 & background a-line skirt from GBNF!

Really chuffed with the plastic basket from favourite lady Diana Black Vintage #vintagevillageuk . Finally have somewhere suitable for my wool x

#fmsphotoaday heck yes ! Some nice finds today at the always fab #vintagevillage #stockport, large glass vase, Tupperware jug with lid and a lovely old vintage religious artefact, all for £8. If you are ever around Stockport around the vintage village date ( check the Facebook page ), go and treat yourself. The organisers, the stall holders, in fact everybody is just lovely, and you will find some of the best vintage stuff around. #fmsphotoaday #vintagevillage #bargains #stockport #goodtimes

A few prizes may have come home with me today :) birdie was from mouse @emzy78 baubles from @ladyliquor cake candles from @vintage78dj 🎁🎁🎁

I also got this on Sunday @Vintage_Village from @BoomerangVnR ( or should I say Mamma B did )

Christmas deco heaven today at #vintagevillage

[Editor's note: some of these decorations are from @shiny_shilling].

Jodi Jo Retro (FB)
And finally , I've been after a stand for the record player that fits in a tiny bit of space in the lounge . This is from Boomerang Vintage and Retro and I love it . Turns out the record player has terrible feed back if played for a while , so now I'm after a record player that fits the stand ! Mmmmhmmmm . Had a fabulous day at #vintagevillageuk , so lovely to see everyone x

Meet Coney the Barbarian (or should that be Caledonian?) a very special wedding gift from @gemsbitsnbobs - thank you! X #vintagevillageuk #notforsale