Visitors' Gallery May 2014

Aileen Jones
Photo of the fab Girls Gone Rockin' DJs - also members of the 3 Graces Northwest Classic Car Club - sent in by Aileen of Retrodec.

“Today’s buys at @Vintage_Village (Cast iron casserole dish from Andrew Searson on Nico’s stall)”

Stephen Marland (FB)
Stephen Marland (via Facebook):
“Lead toys."

[Editor's note: I think these were from Mickyghanga]

“Absinthe ice cream @Vintage_Village"

[Editor's note: from Ginger's Comfort Emporium].

Stephen Marland (FB)
Stephen Marland (via Facebook):
“The beach hut must be built!

Sun, sea and saws.”

“Divine French wall hanging from Garbo Antiques. #vintagevillageuk”

“Today green came home with me, a friend for mouse turd!”

“Lampshades from Vintage Village. Super. 👦”

Wayne Astbury
Wayne Astbury‎ (via Facebook):
“These are the new additions to my ever increasing collection from yesterdays Vintage Village at Stockport Market Sabrina fair.
I am usually too busy to buy or even browse but I managed to find this wonderful childs blue and white part tea set in the sale at Populuxe upstairs at Room at the top, I have been looking for more of this for years, as I already have a few pieces, all I have to do now is find the pieces I have some where in my house, to put them together.
And thanks to the the lovely Sarah at TinTrunk, also in Room at the top for my lovely 'gift' of the small bucket, it's a long story thanks to you both Wayne”

“A £3 purchase today! I'm gonna decorate it with shells 🐚🐚🐚 I likes to stick shells on things!”

"My photographs from today's vintage village Stockport @Vintage_Village"

[Editor's note: from TinTrunk.  You must check out those photos too!]

Stephen Marland (FB)
Stephen Marland (via Facebook):
“Stockport today - Vintage Village at Stockport Market Hall.”

Dear me, it wasn't the greatest start to our Sabrina Fair, what with the lashing rain and last-minute staffing issues.

But it all turned out right in the end.  Especially as we had the 3 Graces Northwest Classic Car Club to bring a bit of mobile, chromium plated glamour to the fair, along with the stonking Girls Gone Rockin DJs, who certainly lived up to their name.

We marked Sabrina's birthday in fine style, showing her finest filmic production, Satan in High Heels, which turned out to be a bit too hot for our projector.  So we had to cool the poor thing down, and start the film again.

If the morning rain put anyone off coming, we didn't really notice.  It was nicely busy all day, with plenty of vintage gems finding appreciative new homes.  Take a look at this month's enviable array from the visitors who were kind enough to share their vintage buying triumphs online.

All the photos link back to their original pages, and you can click on the names to meet these fine contributors (naturally, we have no responsibility for the content of external sites!)

If you would like to contribute, just tweet your photo/s @Vintage_Village (remember the underscore!) or post them on our Facebook page.  If you use Instagram, please add the hashtag #vintagevillageuk so I can find your shots.

And we hope to see you next month at our D-Day Fair on Sunday 8th June!

“We made a lovely purchase yesterday @Vintage_Village we've named her Rosie & she plays beautifully. Over the moon.”

[Editor's note: from Make Do and Mend]

@Vintage_Village had a great time at the fair yesterday, I bought this fabulous fabric from All Our Yesterdays : )”

“I went vintage crazy this weekend  featuring @Vintage_Village #lbloggers #vintage"

[Editor's note: trio from A Vintage Affair].

Leesa Chester (FB)
Leesa Chester (via Facebook):
“She's leaving home...vintage suitcase £7.50. Bought 11th May from Stockport Village Vintage.”

“Just tucking into a Stockport pie from @LordofthePiesGB @Vintage_Village 😋#Highlyrecommended”

Stephen Marlan (FB)
Stephen Marland (via Facebook):
“Lovely cloth for cushions."

[Editor's note: from T.E.A.]

“Still happy with my purchases @Vintage_Village today #Vintage"

[Editor's note: from A Vintage Affair].

“Cleaning cupboard from All Our Yesterdays. Idzi has been told to crack on. #vintagevillageuk"

[Editor's note: here's the bucket story!  When I spotted this toy cleaning cupboard I told Wayne (Mr All Our Yesterdays) that I had exactly the same little tin bucket.  After buying the cupboard, I gave my old bucket to him].

Stephen Marland (FB)
Stephen Marland (via Facebook):
“Stockport today - Vintage Village at Stockport Market Hall.”

“Bought this BEAUT! 👦🐱"

[Editor's note: from H. R. Collectables.  Also, see this month's Finds of the Fair].

“One last weekend treat! It's a ginger! Courtesy of @stuartthornleycakedesign of course!”