Visitors' Gallery March 2016

Jonathan Gates (via Facebook):
Went totally hatstand today!

Sent in by Lynn A Vintage Habit:
Typewriter from Make Do and Mend.

[Editor's note: Lynn is our Finder of the Fair this month!]
@Vintage_Village @SevenMilesOut @SSMCAMRA the vespas are down and the suns out. Looking great!
Today #vintagevillagestockport

Sent in by Lynn A Vintage Habit:
I even managed to find the odd Mad March Hare around the market.

[Editor's note: spotted on Jane Hamilton's stall]/

@Vintage_Village fabulous afternoon and the owner of yet another jacket
Just one of 3 of the Marmalade jars bought from #stockportvintagevillage yesterday! I absolutely love them!

Spotted! Stunning Triumph vintage motor at #vintagevillagestockport #vintagevillageuk. To die for! #vintage #60s
@Vintage_Village fabulous afternoon and the owner of yet another jacket

There was a spring in our step at last Sunday's Mad March Fair.  The weather was kind - bright and fresh - the traders were perky, and the visitors were raring to get at those vintage bargains.

We even had an unexpected visit of a troop of scooters, who we've got pegged for next month's Modernist Fair.  Let's hope it's a fine day on Sunday 10th April to lure them back again!

So what did our visitors see at the fair?  Here is a little selection of the many and various goodies on offer. 

Our hearty thanks to everyone who shared their photos online.  They are always a delight to see!

If you would like to contribute to the Visitor's Gallery, just tweet your photos on Twitter @Vintage_Village, or post them on our Facebook page if that's your thing.  And if you're on Instagram please add the hashtag #vintagevillageuk or #vintagevillagestockport (we don't have an Instagram account, but we check those hashtags!)
@Vintage_Village fabulous afternoon and the owner of yet another jacket

I do love tulips! Gorgeous crate and terracotta pots waiting to be placed outside my "She Shed" once complete! #Vintage #sheshed #flowers Another find from #stockportvintagevillage

Sneak preview of two of the frocks I bought from #kinkymelonsretroboutique at #vintagevillageuk #vintagevillagestockport yesterday. I also bought things for other folk! Best shopping day ever. #vintage #70s #hippie #fashion #style #clothes #clothing

Treated myself to a @STCakeDesign Guinness cupcake at @Vintage_Village - just had to be done!

[Editor's note: look out for the launch of the brand new Stockport Artisan Market presented by MWL Events this Sunday!]

Bethany Cookson (via Facebook):
Finally found some tusk earings at Stockport Vintage Market yesterday to go with my elephant tusk broach 😀❤️
How come I always find a super winter coat when winter is nearly over? Delightful 1950s wool coat from Annabel @vintage78dj's own (extensive!) wardrobe. #vintagevillageuk #vintagevillagestockport #stockportvintagevillage
Guess what I bought from today's #vintagevillagestockport also love my teapot necklace made by @teapartyatthezoo

[Editor's note: it's the bridal head dress, although we don't know who it's from yet!]
I fell in love with this gorgeous little piggy bank today at the vintage market in stockport🐷❤ I've named her Penelope 🐖
She fits in beautifully in my bedroom

Had to get this mahoosive crystal ring (which reminds me of a Lego brick somewhat...THAT'S a good thing!) from the super lovely @tintrunk at #vintagevillageuk #vintagevillagestockport #70s #jewellery #hippie #tintrunk