Visitors' Gallery March 2014

Photo of vintage stall by ftwentytwo
"Some great finds at #Stockport Vintage Market today  @Vintage_Village (Market Hall, Stockport all day today)"

Photo by Stephen Marland of Ladybird book
Stephen Marland (Facebook):
"Rare Ladybird book."

"A fantastic @vintage_village! Blackboard bunting from @jodi_jo_retro, orange melamine from @TwoToneRetro07
yellow melamine from All Our Yesterdays"

opheliabutton (IG)
opheliabutton (Instagram):
"Can you believe this actually exists? A very special occasion is necessary for this to be presented at the table. Perfect for a piece of romance?"

[Editor's note: swan crochet doily from Gem's Bits n Bobs aka @gemsbitsnbobs on Twitter].

tintrunk (IG)
tintrunk (Instagram):
"Navy leather gloves from Kitsch Republic, matchbox label magnets from Jodi Jo Retro."

[Editor's note: @Kitsch_Republic and @jodi_jo_retro on Twitter].

"Books, mags, maps and pamphlets from this month's @Vintage_Village. Bought from @EclectaBooks and All Our Yesterdays."

James Irvin (FB)
James Irvin (Facebook):
"Here is my new baby Beatrice. I am now the proud owner of this beauty! Vintage Village at Stockport Market Hall, I ♥ you."

tintrunk (IG)
tintrunk (Instagram):
"Polish doll from Goodie Gum Drops, rose basket and little pup from RetroFunky."

[Editor's note: find @GumDropsVintage and @RetroFunky1 on Twitter,  and the wooden stool is from All Our Yesterdays].

opheliabutton (IG)
opheliabutton (Instagram):
"The beginnings of my Alice in wonderland themed dolls house dining room! :)"

[Editor's note: tiny jelly from All Our Yesterdays]

Stephen Marland (FB)
Stephen Marland (Facebook):
"Secret stuff from Wayne today."

[Editor's note: that's Wayne of All Our Yesterdays - he's doing well this month!]

"The best packed lunch today a Stockport pie from @LordofthePiesGB from @Vintage_Village"

Rowena Tonge (FB)
Rowena Tonge (Facebook):
"My find of the fair from All Our Yesterdays... A souvenir badge of London with mini postcards in, SUPER CUTE!!"

Jodi Jo Retro (FB)
Jodi Jo Retro (Facebook):
"I didn't think we'd bought this much at Vintage Village at Stockport Market Hall ?? MmmHmm ..
A selection of fabrics from All Our Yesterdays , TinTrunk , Penelope Cat Vintage , Lace & Liquor Vintage and Alice . A smashing jelly bag from Diana Black Vintage . A Taunton Vale clip board from Essentially Eagle Vintage . A much needed pan stand from Christine for the ever growing collection of pans . Finally a gorgeous churn from Big on Retro. A smashing day :)"

[Editor's note: Alice is proprietor of Black Cat Vintage, pan stand from RetroFunky].

"Words can not describe how incredible @Honest_Crust pizza is! Love them being @Vintage_Village!"

Everything's better in the sunshine, and there was a lot of it about for our John French Fair!

Visitors enjoyed a sparkling, crisp Spring day as they browsed the wealth of vintage wares at Stockport's Covered Market Hall, and quite a few shared their prize finds online, as you can see here.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this month's Visitors' Gallery - it's always a pleasure to see your shots!  All the photos link back to their original page, and the names link back to the original accounts (apart from personal Facebook pages).

If you would like to contribute, just tweet your photo/s @Vintage_Village (remember the underscore!) or post them on our Facebook page.

I'm just getting the hang of Instagram too, so if you don't want me to miss your VV photos try using the hashtag #vintagevillageuk - let's see if that works!

If you can remember the trader's name, all the better.  I love to give credit where it's due!

Hope to see you next month!

opheliabutton (IG)
opheliabutton (Instagram):
"Eeeeeeek!!!!! Best buy of the day, week, month, year!!! At vintage village today :)"

[Editor's note: darling rabbit hutch from RetroFunky aka @RetroFunky1 on Twitter]

"@Vintage_Village Oh no! I have another image you could have included. All the goodies :)"

[Editor's note: fish plaque and green salt & pepper pots from @snyggstyle, doggy bank from @BoomerangVnR, huge orange West German floor vase and Italian ceramic dish with a glam lady design from Big on Retro, big cat Russian dolls from @gemsbitsnbobs].

"GREAT HAUL @cheshire_lounge carboot & @Vintage_Village.OBVIOUSLY it would've been rude not to eat @Honest_Crust too!"

Stephen Marland (FB)
Stephen Marland (Facebook):
"Midwinter Red Domino jug from Snygg."

[Editor's note: aka @snyggstyle on Twitter].

"Nice, sunny trip out to @Vintage_Village and I bought this summery jug"

[Editor's note: from Kitsch Republic - @Kitsch_Republic on Twitter].

Viva La Frankie (FB)
Viva La Frankie (Facebook):
"Picked up this lovely suitcase from Vintage Village at Stockport Market Hall this afternoon!
It was so wonderful to be back there after a few months of being away. It was also nice to be doing my thing behind the camera! Check out Frankie Cooksey Photography to see my other passion."

Stephen Marland (FB)
Stephen Marland (Facebook):
"A fitting end to National Pie Week - a pie
Purchased from Lord of the Pies Vintage Village at Stockport Market Hall"

[Editor's note: @LordofthePiesGB on Twitter].

opheliabutton (IG)
opheliabutton (Instagram):
"Flowers all year round :) a vintage village purchase today"

[Editor's note: miniature plastic rose baskets from RetroFunky
aka @RetroFunky1 on Twitter]

Stephen Marland (FB)
Stephen Marland (Facebook):
"Delightful M/C badge."

munkispanner (IG)
munkispanner (Instagram):
"Early birthday present from hubby. Love it! #vintagemannequin #mannequin #vintagevillage #twotoneretro #loveit #loveatfirstsight #love"

[Editor's note: from Two Tone Retro aka @TwoToneRetro07 on Twitter]

"@Vintage_Village wonderful day on Sunday. Fav purchase this French tin from Lime Street Trading #iwantedeverything"

"Oh hai! I am my new tea-towel and I am glorious. @Vintage_Village #cats #vintagecats"

[Editor's note: tea-towel from All Our Yesterdays].

tintrunk (IG)
tintrunk (Instagram):
"Mini furnishings from All Our Yesterdays (telly from @opheliabutton)."

opheliabutton (IG)
opheliabutton (Instagram):
"My new friend :) courtesy of @tintrunk thank you, think I will start a collection of crazy ones!"

Gems Bits n Bobs (FB)
Gem's Bits n Bobs (Facebook):
"I need grumpy and a mustard tabard for a naked dopey but other than that I'm extremely happy with my six dwarves from today's Vintage Village at Stockport Market Hall"

[Editor's note: have a guess where these Disney collectables were from.  Give up?  OK, it's All Our Yesterdays, again!]