Visitors' Gallery June 2015
@Vintage_Village is rather fun
My wire-themed buys from @Vintage_Village (orange wire from @Vintage_Things_, cups on right from @jayne__walker)

Happy with my #vintagevillageuk purchases today, thanks for my mug @jayniewalker_x 💙👌

Not only is this a very elegant set of glasses in a wooden rack, but each glass holder pivots! The gold label says Kjeni, Merløse, Denmark, and it was a bargainous treat from @vintage_things_forever at Sunday's VV fair. #vintagevillageuk
@Vintage_Village I'm potty about my 70s tea pot x
Spot the owl! A gift from @jayniewalker_x for my wooden menagerie, with a magnificent pair of curtains from her stall. #vintagevillageuk
My fab new hat brushes care of Wayne (All Our Yesterdays) @Vintage_Village They were put to good use today.
@snyggstyle come up with the goods yet again! #vintagevillageuk
Beautiful #Victorian Christmas #postcard bought for just £1 today at @Vintage_Village. #illustration #nautical

Today's purchases from Vintage Village! A mental hand crocheted 60's top and I also hit the wraparound cufflink jackpot! #VintageVillage #Vintage #VintageKnit

[Editor's note: top from Kinky Melon's Retro Boutique.  Will was our Finder of the Fair this month.  Go and see!]

People sketching @Vintage_Village with @MCR_UrbanSketch including @Martinthemoddj #Stockport @PilotPenUK
Also bought this tea towel at @Vintage_Village on Sunday! Decided it was worth framing! #vintagefindhour #vintage

[Editor's note: from @jayne_walker].

We took a bit of a punt on our Concrete Fair this month.  There were a few dissenting voices insisting that it would have limited appeal - to put it mildly! - but it turned out rather well, especially as there were several other big events in the vicinity on the day.

The Manchester Modernist Society brought an extensive selection of their irreproachably tasteful merchandise, plus their internationally renowned periodical the modernist, and they organised a walking tour of Stockport's mid-century modernist architectural gems - yes, we have a few in town! - which was booked to capacity weeks in advance.

To add to the excitement, we were thrilled to host the legendary Martin the Mod DJ who provided a mod(ernist) soundtrack of soulful dancey tunes all day.

Our priority is to provide an unbeatable array of quality, authentic vintage goods to suit all pockets, and our visitors certainly took their pick of them at this fair, as you can see here!

We're very grateful to everyone who took the time to share their photos online, and here's all the ones I managed to find this month.  Let me know if I missed any!

All photos link back to their original page, and the usernames link to the contributors' accounts (apart from personal Facebook ones). 

We also love to credit the traders whenever possible, so if you can remember who you bought your treasures from, all the better!

If you'd like to see your picture in our next Visitors' Gallery, please tweet them @Vintage_Village or post them on our Facebook page.  If you're on Instagram please add the hashtag #vintagevillageuk so we can find them (we don't have a VV Instagram account so don't tag us on there!)
Too many distractions @Vintage_Village to draw today so after a quick scribble I just bought loads of stuff instead.

Vicky Brearley (via Facebook):
Our woolly doppelgängers! Thanks to Gail at Essentially Eagle Vintage, Lynn and Phil for our pressie. Its already taking pride of place on the bedroom wall.
Well what's going on here then?
Well I went to Vintage Village with @helenm123 which was quite traumatic for a girl as I couldn't be spending with my recent hol and vet bill! But I wanted to catch up with friends (and I collected some words of wisdom and encouragement along the way!), it truly is one of my favourite days each month and collates such a lovely bunch of people :) But how could I past up on each of these treasures? I bought them with my fingers crossed that I'd do well with my eBay auctions finishing tonight!!! The chair 👀!
The dolls house lamp was from my special friend @gemsbitsnbobs the mirror from the lovely @essentiallyeaglevintage who both did me the best deals a girl could ask for :)
The little basket bag has a music box that plays when you open it, I spied it last month and couldn't pass it up when there was a half price sale! @tintrunk will tell me off for not knowing the name of the stall holders?! It's the lovely people I got that 50's shade from and the chair is from the stall next to where me and the mouse were. Happy days 👧

[Editor's note: 50s red/yellow miniature chair from Dabberdecades, the musical picnic basket was probably from Vintage Things Forever].

A Vintage Habit:
Thank you for the great jacket Kinky Melon's Retro Boutique Vix, it goes great with the Trevira jumper and my tan Boden capri turn ups
#Vintage Village at Stockport Market Hall

Scored some amazing treasure at #vintagevillagestockport yesterday. My finds are a mix up of barberella meets 1950s living room ! The lamp is a particular favourite and was reduced from £40 to £20 !!! Who can resist a Sputnik style candle holder or a funky weaved waste paper basket ??? I keep thinking this collecting thing is going to wear off, but it's not showing any signs yet, whoops !!!!! #vintagevillage #vintage #vintagestyle #retro #1950s #1960s #collectaholic

[Editor's note: yellow/white plant pot from @essentiallyeaglevintage, white plastic and perspex lamp from @vintage_things_forever].

@Vintage_Village as usual we all came home with lots of finds.There was something for everyone.Thanks for a great day

Loving my birdy jug from #vintagevillageuk #vintage #retro
Bought this fabric too, not sure what I'm going to do with it but I liked the pattern 💛 #vintagevillageuk

How could I forget the early 1970s Sindy that @lace_andliquor let me buy at Sunday's VV? I've got some groovy clothes for her - somewhere? - but her ensemble is pretty nifty already. #vintagevillageuk
Again my ' No buying ' policy went really well yesterday as you can see technically they were all prizes 😁

[Editor's note: purse from @essentiallyeaglevintage].
Got this home today, a marvellous JRM Design 'Salome' storage tin by Ian Logan from @boomerangvnr at Sunday's VV fair. #vintagevillageuk