Visitors' Gallery July 2015
Debuting one of the vintage tops I got from the lovely @essentiallyeaglevintage 💕💕 Can't beat a bit of Lurex esp in an Aztec print 🙌🏻 #vintage #vintagefashion #vintagedesign #vintagepattern #retro #1960s #me #selfie #moxham

Bears in dresses! Dogs on wheels! Vinyl off cuts. How could I refuse!!!

[Editor's note: I think this was from RetroFunky].

Super top ace cloth covered bag with leather handles (1950s?) from @vintage_things_forever and magically wonderful 1950s Formica projector stand from Rita Black. #vintagevillageuk
I thought I'd take part in #todieforteatoweltuesday today seeing as this was all I bought for myself at the vintage fair on Sunday! 💕💚 #vintage #retro #vintagevillageuk
"So Nico did you go to vintage village today? When you have no money at all to spend! Did you?"
"Well I was such a good girl in the morning, doing jobs and I tidied the garage too. But I couldn't not go! It's one of my fav days, chatting with my friends and I couldn't not! I only spent £8.70! which included refreshments also! I gots this recipe tin from retro
funky" happy days!

I'm going to be Miss Efficient with this wire filing basket rack from RetroFunky (at least I might look it). #vintagevillageuk

These little cuties found Sunday at @Vintage_Village Now on the table every meal time! #vintagefindhour

Charming Guinness tea towel from the ever-wonderful #vintagevillageuk

There's nothing like that sense of anticipation as you launch yourself out into the unknown waters of a freshly set-up Vintage Village fair in the morning - some of the faces might be familiar but the landscape (seascape?) is always subtly changing with new details and treasures at every turn.

What might you find?  Will you score that elusive prize?  Hit a motherlode of goodies you can barely fit in the car?  Or console yourself with a cake scotch egg from Stuart Thornley and resolve to set the alarm a bit earlier next time?

Our July fair had an abundance of quality items on show but there weren't that many photographs online this month.  Perhaps our visitors decided they didn't want to crow about their top scores!

Our hearty thanks to everyone who did share their photos.  They are both inspiring and envy-inducing!

If you would like to contribute to our Visitors' Gallery please tweet them @Vintage_Village on Twitter, or post them on our Facebook page, or post them on Instagram with the hashtag #vintagevillageuk so we don't miss them (we don't have an Instagram account but I keep tabs on that hashtag!)

And we hope to see you you next time on Sunday 9th August for our Summer Holiday Fair!
There's a new addition to the wooden mob - spot the purple beard! Huge thanks to :) #vintagevillageuk

[Editor's note: that's Diana Black Vintage].
New ring from Vintage Village today. Think it's got something to do with Islam but that's just a guess #Jewellery #VintageJewellery
I made a friend at the fair yesterday 7 weeks old westie!

A fab gift from a fab friend - thank you @gemsbitsnbobs @gkate :) #vintagevillageuk
Essentially Eagle Vintage:
Here's a find of the fair being worn and accessorised with style by its new owner! She couldn't attend the fair due to illness. But the power of social media prevailed and it was purchased by post.

My treats from Sunday's VV fair: two school badges from We Used To Have One Of Those, and dancing couple brooch from @aspidistravintage #vintagevillageuk #enamel #badges