Visitors' Gallery July 2012

I think it's fair to propose that buying second-hand or vintage is following in the wartime spirit of economy and making do, and at this month's 2WW-themed Yanks in Stockport Fair, there were plenty of splendiferous pre-owned bargains to be had.  You can see the evidence to back up this claim on this very page!

We've also included a few super photos from around the fair because we want to (and we make the rules around here!)

Many thanks to everyone for sharing their pictures on Twitter - it's always such a treat to see them!  Don't forget that if you want your picture included please tweet it @Vintage_Village so we don't miss it, or post it on our Facebook page.

"Just bought THE most amazing dress from @Vintage_Village pic also includes my smug an super chuffed face!"

[Editor's note: from Garbo Antiques]

"Today's @Vintage_Village purchase!"

"Today's @Vintage_Village purchase! Well @blueliam 's to go with the goat skull bust"

"Alice enjoying Yanks day @Vintage_Village"

[Editor's note: we loved this sequence of photos so much we had to feature all three!]

"And watching the dancing @Vintage_Village"

"Al and her new best pal @Vintage_Village"

[Editor's note: that's supreme entertainer Mr Paul Harper].

"A flying visit, so modest buys at @Vintage_Village today but I did feed my sons Tom & Jerry habit!"

"The precursor to the 'Spork'?! @Vintage_Village @RoomAtThe_Top"

"This morning's goodies from @Vintage_Village. Lovely morning as always."

"Couldn't pass up this mini Pluto puppet from Eclecta Books @RoomAtThe_Top at this Sunday's @Vintage_Village"

"Snuck away from our stall yesterday and picked up a lovely Shelley Teaset from the @Vintage_Village Do i keep or sell??"

"@Vintage_Village Here are two of my lovely finds at last Sunday's fair. X"

"This month's stash from @Vintage_Village"

[Editor's note: Portmeirion storage jar from Glook, books from Eclecta Books at Room at the Top Vintage Goods.  Thanks to Natalie for supplying the info].

"Vintage vanity case of my dreams found at @Vintage_Village today... Mint condition and a bargain!"

"A fever of setting up activity at @Vintage_Village today! The sun is out and life is good."

"Today's massive £4 spend on pretties at @Vintage_Village"

"Nice mooch around @Vintage_Village bought lovely rosebud plate, sweet little cocktail forks ( for olives ) and CAKES"

"And I already have my eye on this red and silver sequin jumpsuit @Vintage_Village !! It's very me, no?!"

[Editor's note: this eye-popping garment was from Garbo Antiques].

"I had a shirt in this exact print when I was 16! Understated 50s blouse from Sue Gale @Vintage_Village last Sunday."

"@Vintage_Village I had such a lovely time at Vintage Village yesterday! … Thank you! xxx"

"Fantastic time @Vintage_Village today!! Bagged myself a lovely 70s Aquascutum silk blouse and a stunning necklace. Will blog pics soon!"

[Editor's note: read Uphill Struggle's blog about her first time at VV here].

"My finds from @Vintage_Village yesterday :) #vintagevillage"