Visitors' Gallery January 2015

Would you believe it?  We had a better turnout for our Happy New 2015 fair than we did for the December Christmas fair.  But, blimey, it was cold!

Fortunately, we had the collective charms of the 3 Graces Northwest Classic Car Club arrayed in the Market Place to lure people in, plus their in-house super DJ team Girls Gone Rockin.  And they brought along the Barracudas - who soon warmed things up - a nice surprise we only found out about three days before the fair!  And the Skin City Scooter Club turned up on the day!

There were a few regular traders missing - off on Caribbean cruises and the like - but no-one seemed to notice as the market hall was nicely crammed full of vintage treasures.  The new vintage centre 20th Century Stores attracted plenty of attention too  - looks like its 'soft launch' was a great success.

Mr GentCyclist was the Finder of the Fair, and he turned up quite a few enticing pieces.  And Vix of Kinky Melon's Retro Boutique wrote a super blog about the day.

And here's what our visitors shared online (thank you, one and all!)

If you'd like to contribute to the Visitors' Gallery, please post your photos on our Facebook page, or tweet them @Vintage_Village, or, if you're on Instagram, add the hashtag #vintagevillageuk (so I can find them!)

@katmcheapy IG
Mega chuffed!! #greenlady #trechikoff

[Editor's note: from Vintage Home Emporium]. IG
My two vintage village purchases from today are very colourful

@jammybadger TW
Favourite buy from Sunday's @Vintage_Village being modelled by a pro. #CATS #GypsyIsDaBomb.

[Editor's note: from Lace & Liquor Vintage].

@beckainthesky IG
#vintagevillageuk finds today
Finally got a fornasetti piece ayyy

@gemsbitsnbobs IG
Do you like the guy in the top left @retrospectfinds ? He's a ' flump ' apparently 💋

[Editor's note: top left Grandfather Flump from All Our Yesterdays, top right bar set from Aspidistra Vintage, bottom left and right from the Vintage Home Emporium].

@old8legs IG
New purchase from Vintage Village today! Count Christie vintage sports top (made in Europe) with front pocket detailing. For a tenner! #vintage #Sixtiesknit

@annelouisekershaw IG
Very pretty#vintage car at #vintagevillage #stockport #car #vintagevillageuk

@IvanAtTheDukes TW
Visit to Stockport Vintage Village + new @20thC_Stores inc v smart shop from @heffernandesign #lampshades

@tintrunk IG
Two more Polish girls from Aspidistra Vintage at yesterday's fair. #vintagevillageuk

Shady Lane Vintage FB
Shady Lane Vintage:
Loads of lovely cars on display at Vintage Vintage Village at Stockport Market Hall today

[Editor's note: you can see 20th Century Stores just behind the cars!]

@Vintage_Village #amazing #vintage finds 2day at Stockport V.Village and #knutsford #followvintage

@jodijoretro IG
So we went today to #vintagevillageuk and were supposed to be just looking for a butter dish but hey ho 😁 . Taunton Vale rolling pin and Staffordshire potteries storage canister were purchased by @gaynorcowle and I've not trained her properly in getting the stall names ..MmmmHmm x Tortoise money box and mint sauce pot from @aspidistravintage ha ha 😘 A lovely tie from Sarah @tintrunk in the new 20th Century Stores on Stockport Market .A fabric sample from Lace and Liquor and a dress length of seersucker from Snygg who as also moved into 20 Century Stores . A slice of carrot and walnut from @stuartthornleycakedesign 😘😘 . Finally from @gemsbitsnbobs a pair of mushroom S & P pots that are an early snooflet towers flat warming present @opheliabutton 💕💕 I think you might have had your eye on these 😊😊 .

@SquarePegShoes TW
@Vintage_Village Found from @BoomerangVnR Red Domino Tea Trio by Jessie Tait Midwinter -PHOWARR

@jodijoretro IG
Favourite things I didn't buy from #vintagevillageuk gorgeous elephants also from Retro Funky

Dezna Jane
Dezna Jane:
I picked up this little Sooty bear as well as some other treasures. Sooty will be making a journey to Canada with me this week. I managed to go two Vintage Village fairs in Stockport while I have been in the UK and was NOT disappointed.... See you next time :)

This pretty lady was a little bit shocked at how chilly it was today . On Garbo Antiques stall . #vintagevillageuk

@gemsbitsnbobs IG
I think R Pats likes her blanket from @Vintage_Village on Sunday

@nicethingsby TW
I'm loving all the finds tonight. I went to @Vintage_Village in Jan and got this lovely bird plate #vintagefindhour