Visitors' Gallery January 2013

@GentCyclist - jacket
"@RoomAtThe_Top @Vintage_Village Rather happy with my purchase too (not too sure about the model)."

[Editor's note: I'm pretty confident that this jacket is from Village Vintage Clothing].

"This month's spoils from @Vintage_Village. Only a flying visit first thing but I still managed to spend up."

"@Vintage_Village Vintage receipts from #vintagevillage yesterday
#paper #print #vintage #receipts #typography"

"@Vintage_Village The A-Team on viewmaster reels from #vintagevillage yesterday #theateam #viewmaster #vintage"

"Another treat from @Vintage_Village - 40s plastic bird brooch from Eclecta Books found at @RoomAtThe_Top"

" Brilliant morning spent mooching round VV x"

[Editor's note: this is new stall Funky Koval, specialising in vintage Eastern European homeware].

"@Vintage_Village Letterpress Tray from #vintagevillage yesterday #letterpress #tray #typography #vintage"

[Editor's note: this was from TinTrunk at Room at the Top Vintage Goods].

"@Vintage_Village @EvansColette wolfing down some carrot cake on Sunday"

Oh, January can be a tricky month!  But fortunately the gods were smiling on us for our Lucky 13 Fair and we were granted with dry - but very cold - weather, and a very respectable turn-out of hardy and well-wrapped-up visitors who weren't going to miss their monthly chance of a vintage bargain or two at Stockport's sparkling gem of a market hall.

Cast your eyes over this month's crop of visitors' photos and I'm sure you will agree that it was worth facing that imposing chill when you see the treasures that these canny folk took home on the day.

As per usual, you can click on the photos to see the original source page, and click on the Twitter names to meet these fine and discerning VV visitors.

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who took the time to share their prize buys on Twitter, and if you would like to share yours please post them on Twitter @Vintage_Village so we don't miss them, or on our Facebook page.

"@Vintage_Village Polaroid Super Swinger from #vintagevillage yesterday #polaroid #polaroidcamera #camera"

"Treats from yesterday's @Vintage_Village - divine swingy 50s red coat from Garbo Antiques."

"My ace purchases from today's @Vintage_Village (including a much-coveted fox from Jodi-Jo Retro!)"

"@Vintage_Village this morning - done! Wonder what is in the bag? Guesses welcome"

[Editor's note: we still don't know what's in that bag!  We'll update this if and when we find out!]

"@Vintage_Village Vintage cigarette cards from #vintagevillage yesterday #cards #vintage #cigarettecards"

"@Vintage_Village made up with my new Cup and Saucer. Goes perfect with the Red Velvet cake from @STCakeDesign :)"

[Editor's note: apparently the cupcake didn't survive long enough to be photographed].

"Cutest ring boxes found at @Vintage_Village yesterday ..."

"@Vintage_Village Bought some amazing treats to take home Sunday. So excited for next months. X"