Visitors' Gallery December 2018

Beautiful family #photo album with painted decorations @vintagevillageuk

Beautiful Ruby. #ruby #beautifulgirl #today #vintagevillage #vintagevillagestockport #drawingpeople #portraitart #andreajoseph #andreajosephartwork #portraitartist #thisweekend #quickfireportraits #lovemyjob

Someone finds from yesterday @vintagevillageuk💚 Bed jacket, red star shaped plastic salt and pepper pots and 🎩 cocktail picks are all from @balmerandstanley💚 Pink and orange hinged bangles from @tintrunk💚 Check out those fabulous glasses!! The elephants one has a bent stem🐘🐘 and I love love the atomic style one too❤️💛💚💙 The pink pearly shoe horn and tear drop brooch with a starburst design we’re from a regular seller not here on Instagram💚 Dutchman is muttering...’tat...’ at the background😂🙄🤣

Picked up this beaut at @Vintage_Village today. Shhh it's a pressie! #vintagechristmas

Check this little guy out! [Top right] ❤️ he totally won me over yesterday on @allouryesterdaysstockport ‘s stall with his delightful 🍄🍄🍄 diorama! Slide for the rest of my modest winnings 🤗 deer paper from @aspidistra_vintage Santa and bunny paper and teeny weeny dolls house dolls house furniture also from @allouryesterdaysstockport Lovely 🐰 advent calendar @retrofunkyuk Neon mini tinsel from @balmerandstanley Carrot decal (ooh and book, I’ve forgotten to add!) from @essentiallyeaglevintage As usual there are missing items from @stuartthornleycakedesign in happy tums! 😋, and some saucers for future candles 🕯 Thanks for your kindness all 🤗
@realbasilbrush lurking @vintagevillageuk . Looking a bit pale 🦊

My partner picked up this snow globe to go on our little shelf of Christmas kitsch!

[Editor's note: snow globe from Essentially Eagle Vintage].

Vintage Christmas decoration overload today from @retrofunkyuk at @vintagevillageuk It was amazing. Nice to see @maggiemaesvintage @garbo_vintage_stockport @aspidistra_vintage @mrsmortonvintage & @essentiallyeaglevintage too #vintagechristmas #vintagechristmasdecor
Was intrigued by the names written on this #thegoodies #vinyl @vintagevillageuk yesterday. They're not autographs. Is it just as a reminder of who they were? And in matching pink. Hmmm.

What a brilliant day I’ve had to finish off my birthday celebrations🎂🎈🎉 Amazing day @vintagevillageuk with @katie_and_the_cat @essentiallyeaglevintage♥️🎉👋🏿😍🎂💋🌈 Also lovely to see @vintagemary21 @opheliabutton @allouryesterdaysstockport @balmerandstanley @tintrunk ♥️♥️♥️ check out my find of the day!!! 80’s Christmas dress!!!🎅🏼🌟☃️🎄♥️ @littleredvintage🎅🏼🎄☃️Everyone at home loves it!! We also have been patiently waiting for 2 weeks to open the box of stickers we got from @whatkatyfound 😁🌈🎉🎈🎁 There were 100’s of sheets!!! Thank you Katy💋💋 feeling so overwhelmed at the moment I’ll share finds in the morning😂

Fabulous 1960s plastic holly garland from the equally fabulous @mrsmortonvintage at yesterday’s fabulous @vintagevillageuk fair.

Albums £1 each @vintagevillageuk . It was rude not too. The Rodster has a totes OTT insert 👍👍#hair #statusquo #rodstewart

Snapped up this luscious 1960s Vera silk scarf on aka The Grand Collector’s stall. You don’t see many on this side of the pond!
5 years ago when I started going to @vintagevillageuk for my birthday I met Wayne @allouryesterdaysstockport I loved all his stuff♥️ I bought a Snow White watch... this year with the money my mother gave me... this is what I bought... love the matchboxes!! And of course everything else...🎈🎈🎈
These little guys from @tintrunk are going to get a makeover this weekend !

[Editor's note: see the final result here!]
Bought this beautiful vintage time piece today @vintagevillageuk needs some work but will hopefully ticking in no time (pardon the pun)

It took until the last half hour of the @vintagevillageuk fair, but I finally got one of @balmerandstanley’s fab handmade mid century house Christmas decorations, hand delivered by Alistair himself! 🙌

Late entry for #vintagevillageuk gallery. My stash of Christmas goodies from @stuartthornleycakedesign #essentiallyeaglevintage