Visitors' Gallery December 2016

Zara Jones:
Another wonderful Vintage Village experience today! I can't tell you how much I love stepping back in time for a couple of hours each month - not just through the items, displays and entertainment, but through the kindness and friendliness of all we meet. Good old fashioned manners! Happy Christmas to all, see you next month :-)
P.S. I'm gutted I missed out on a Stuart Thornley rum truffle robin!
A Vintage Habit:
I'm sailing through winter in style with the help of Maggie Harding

[Editor’s note: twinset from Garbo Antiques].

@tintrunk your mouse is loving it's new home :)
Two bunches of leather swatches from Elaine Allsortz, and a divine mini suitcase manicure set from dear Julia @vintagemary21 (on a tip-off from @essentiallyeaglevintage - thank you!)

@Vintage_Village really handy Christmas card holders. One missing because it is in use. Was looking for something for a while until today.

Thrifting at Vintage Village courtesy of the lovely @tintrunk and @emsbygones #Stockport

[Editor’s note: letter B and coathangers from TinTrunk, trio from Em’s Bygones, Babycham glasses possibly from Andrea Caldwell].

Andy White:
Got a new old badge from Vintage Village at Stockport Market Hall too...

[Editor’s note: from The Side Room].
Three 1950s atomic wire plant stands from Rob Mad Hatton's Vintage #vintagevillageuk - I'm ridiculously pleased with these!

And lastly today's haul from my lovely lady @essentiallyeaglevintage❤️love love the clown thimbles!! And everything else🙌🏻🤓❤️ thank you for my extras.. I've had such an amazing week celebrating my birthday.. spoilt rotten throughout.. today was a lovely finish to it all❤️😍😘 So lovely to see everyone at The Vintage Village😍😍😍 #birthdayblues

4 more for the milk bottle 🍼 collection......

@Vintage_Village and this lovely watch from my husband for Christmas. Definitely had more time to look around this time. Very enjoyable am.

More for the Christmas tree 🎄🎄🎄🎄

[Editor’s note: the three decorations bottom left from TinTrunk]

It was proper festiveness at our Merry Little Christmas fair.  We had the wonderful Paul Harper, and his equally wonderful daughter Melissa, singing their hearts out all day, the Market Place was graced by some of the delicious motors belonging to the 3 Graces Northwest CCC, and the traders did us proud with a vast array of gorgeously tempting vintage wares.

We've found that our December Visitors' Galleries tend to be a bit small because many people are buying gifts that they don't want to broadcast online to the world, but this year's batch is still pretty impressive!

Our thanks to everyone who shared their photos, it's always a delight to see them. 

And if you want to see your photo in our Visitors' Gallery, just tweet it @Vintage_Village or post it on our Facebook page.  If you're on Instagram please add the hashtag #vintagevillageuk so we can find it.

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year, and we look forward to seeing you again in 2017 (next fair date Sunday 8th January, please note!)
Plastic 50s decorations from @suzylovesmilo at #vintagevillageuk yesterday
No messing around today 1 hour shop till I drop whilst the Dutchman was at the supermarket❤️ Lots of treasures! Good to see @essentiallyeaglevintage @suzylovesmilo @a.vintage.affair Look at my gorgeous Bakelite dish!!💛💛💛

Perfect fit @essentiallyeaglevintage 😍

[Editor’s note: tiny Donald and Mickey]

Just a few fab purchases from #vintagevillagestockport #vintagevillageuk A big bag of buttons from our Gail @essentiallyeaglevintage loads of wonderfully wooden belt buckles from Maggie . Unused teal barkcloth and full length wool skirt for chopping up 😬 Don't worry @lynn.vintagehabit , it's not very well made 😊 So smashing to finally meet you today xxx

[Editor’s note: buckles from Garbo Antiques].

Visitor to my stall today at #vintagevillageuk #santa #essentiallyeaglevintage

I said I wasn't going to buy any more Christmas decorations, then I found this trio on Pat of Vintage Clutter's stall. Don't judge me!

Today's little haul... Dutchman was a little hungover.. gave me some spends and basically said...'Go!!!' I whizzed around with Harry as quick as I could... here is what I treasured .. does not even include purchases from @essentiallyeaglevintage ❤️❤️❤️

[Editor’s note: pink plastic bag and mixer badge from suzylovesmilo].
@stuartthornleycakedesign cakes are so popular in our house that they were scoffed before I could take a pic 😆 #vintagevillageuk

💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 #stockportvintagevillage #vintagevillageuk #stockport

What did I buy at #vintagevillageuk? Well here goes - from my lovely friend Gail @essentiallyeaglevintage a tinsel star and two trouser clips.
Some finds that a brought from Stockport vintage village fair great hand painted picture of a backyard in moonlight plastic, lamp shade and a 60s oyster plate in bright and cheerfull colours.

#stockportvintagevillage #vintagepainting #1960 #vintagelight #vintage #lightshade
A whole box of 30 unused cards! An incredible selection. Purchased at #vintagevillageuk from 'memories are made of these' #essentiallyeaglevintage #vintagechristmascards #kitsch

[Editor’s note: from Memories are Made of These].