Visitors' Gallery December 2015
My colourful booty from Vintage Village. Tell me, who doesn't need a vintage straw holder at Christmas?

[Editor’s note: straw holder from All Our Yesterdays, green cups and glass from Rita Black, orange cups from Shiny Shilling Vintage].
🎄🎄only a couple of prizes for me today @retrofunkyuk had such an incredible festive selection and the dear dear is from @shiny_shilling_vintage 🎄🎄

Silver pompom tree from the reliably amazing @retrofunkyuk (thanks for the little chenille chap too!) and insanely fragile 1960s Panaura atomic star bursts from Wayne All Our Yesterdays. My Christmas is complete! #vintagechristmas #vintagevillageuk #vintagevillagestockport #makingstockportsexy

Belated pic of treats for myself from Sunday's #vintagevillageuk thanks to @tintrunk who brokered the deal for the cat from T.E.A Christmas cake snowballs from @stuartthornleycakedesign and snowman glass decoration from a mum and daughter stall at the church end of the hall 😁 hopefully @tintrunk will enlighten me as to their name!

[Editor’s note: snowman from Vintage Clutter].

And a ' minifon XL smurf' @retrospectfinds it's got a sml record player at the back with a tiny disc ?!?

[Editor's note: I think this was from RetroFunky].
The fruits of my browsing efforts at yesterday's fair! Gorgeous glass baubles from @retrofunkyuk who had the best array of vintage decs I've ever seen. Anywhere. #vintagevillageuk #vintagevillagestockport #vintagechristmas #makingstockportsexy

Oops Sarah @tintrunk ! I forgot this on Finds Of The Fair as I didn't take a pic at the fair . I'll add for visitors gallery instead 😁 #vintagevillageuk
I've been after a little lampshade for this lovely wooden base I found at a carboot . I think this one purchased from @essentiallyeaglevintage fits the bill . Thanks Gail x

Last pic I promise! (I had a lot of fun yesterday!) this little lady was a gift from Christine @retrofunkyuk thank you I ❤️ her :)

Advert from a 1957 Furnishing Show Book and Directory of Trademarks from the ever wonderful @gemsbitsnbobs - thank you! 😘 #vintagevillageuk #vintagevillagestockport #vintagefurniture #1950s #fifties #vintageinterior #makingstockportsexy

There's a distinctly festive flavour to this month's Visitors' Gallery.  Of course, everyone knows that vintage decorations are the best, and there were LOTS on offer at our No Sleep 'Til Christmas fair.

You might notice that a few names keep cropping up on this page.  But please don't assume this is an exclusive club!  We're overjoyed to see any posts from anyone about the Vintage Village and I'm always on the look out for them! 

If you would like to contribute to our Visitors' Gallery just post your photo on our Facebook page or tweet it @Vintage_Village.  If you're an Instagrammer, add the hashtag #vintagevillageuk so I can find it!

Have a very wonderful festive break and a happy new 2016!

Got myself an early #Xmas pressie today @20thcenturystores thanks @snyggstyle #vintage #retro #midcenturyhome #brass

My winnings from Vintage village! My jar and rabbit and bambi were pre orders from the delightful @essentiallyeaglevintage (always temping me she is!) and my furniture from the lovely Wayne. I love my tin, it's so me! And my vase was £2 and bargain of the day was this gorgeous and kitschtastic hanging mistletoe bell for £1!

[Editor’s note: bathroom suite from All Our Yesterdays, mistletoe bell may be from Retrofit].
@philipnormal @Vintage_Village Bought these mad cats too for cold mornings on train platform - £12 !

[Editor's note: from TinTrunk].

The latest additions to my Christmas forest, found at yesterday's Vintage Village fair - from @essentiallyeaglevintage @shiny_shilling_vintage and dear Wayne All Our Yesterdays - thank you! X #vintagechristmas #vintagevillageuk #vintagevillagestockport #makingstockportsexy

This loveable pair was a gift from @essentiallyeaglevintage thanks you :) x
@philipnormal Fought the addiction for as long as I could but I caved @Vintage_Village . Sure I can make space ;)

[Editor's note: Beetle bauble from Vintage Clutter].

Lunch! A slice of Brussels sprouts cake by @stuartthornleycakedesign from yesterday's fair. #vintagevillageuk #vintagevillagestockport #makingstockportsexy

I forgot one! Little Red won this fab Xmas satchel from @shiny_shilling_vintage and she is soooooo excited about it and hasn't put it down since yesterday!

Essentially Eagle Vintage:
An old friend and neighbour I'd not seen since secondary school came to last Sunday's Vintage Village at Stockport Market Hall with his wife for their first visit. He'd seen one of my posts on here. He was delighted to find this fabulous decanter from his old regiment!!