Visitors' Gallery December 2012

The Christmas Crackers fair was an absolute delight, with an added touch of festive warmth to counter the chilly day.

Now, whilst it might not appear to be the case given the lack of photographic evidence here, there were lots of vintage bargains being snapped up.  However, many of these were destined to be gift-wrapped and presented on the 25th, which is why many of our potential contributors were understandably reluctant to share them with the world.

Your correspondent had a rare chance to do a spot of shopping too, which is why I've bent the rules a teeny bit and added my own photos to pad things out a bit!

Many thanks to everyone who contributed their super pictures this month.  It's always a thrill to see what you've found!

As usual, click on the photos to see their original source and on the Twitter names to meet some of our visitors and traders.

If you'd like to add your own photos to our Visitors' Gallery, please tweet them @Vintage_Village so we don't miss them, or post them on our Facebook page.  And it's extra nice if you can namecheck the traders - they always appreciate it!

"Only a quick dash round @Vintage_Village today due to huge hangover but happy with my wooden houses from @snyggstyle"

"@Vintage_Village lovely Sparkles found at The Vintage Village courtesy of Tin Trunk. I love them!! :)

"My buys pt 2: little wooden man from Junior Kitschener, gorgeous necklace from Caroline Syddall. Both treats for me!"

"@Vintage_Village All excited about trying my Complete Christmas Dinner cupcakes from @STCakeDesign"

"Fairly successful day selling @MemoryLaneCal at the @Vintage_Village! Many thanks to Sarah & Alan for the free pitch!"

"My buys pt3: treats for our house this time. L-R from All Our Yesterdays, Jodi-Jo-Retro & pair from @all_modcons"

"Gorgeous Christmas baubles from @Vintage_Village today"

"My buys pt 1: vanity cases intended as gifts but I don't think any of the recipients are on Twitter. Credits next ...
Top to bottom: Black Cat Vintage, @StrumpetsBazaar, @EvansColette, Lost But Never Forgotten, Caroline Syddall."

[Editor's note: oh dear, they might check this website though . . . ]

"Our stall today at the @Vintage_Village christmas cracker fair...met such lovely people too"

"Great @Vintage_Village to end 2012! Shame I bought only one thing! 1940s broken clock to be recycled as a photo frame!"

"Also super fluffy kitty outside @Vintage_Village too!"