Visitors' Gallery August 2015

Oh hai Max Factpurrr kitty 🐱 #vintagevillage #vintagevillageuk #vintagemaxfactor #maxfactorperfume #1960s #purrfume #newbedsidefriend

VV purchases from The lovely Ann!

[Editor's note: that's Anne of The Side Room].
I'm in love! 😍😍 #vintagevillage #vintagevillageuk #westgerman #westgermanpottery #wgp #snackdish #waechtersbach #midcentury #FISHIES

Yellow egg poachers again from Ann @ yesterday's VV

[Editor's note: The Side Room]
"Ambassador with these Rocher you're really spoiling us"

[Editor's note: from Stuart Thornley Cake Design, naturally!]

I've had a few messages asking what I found yesterday at VIntage village. I didn't get round to posting yesterday as we (@helenm123 and @gemsbitsnbobs ) went to Pear Mill after, and then the woods, and then had a picnic with snoof in the garden. So I'm starting here with my final purchase. A lovely dolls dress from @tintrunk :) just to hang and look pretty!

[Editor's note: 1970s scarecrow ladies earrings and necklace from TinTrunk].
[Editor's note: Alex from Snygg in his lair at 20th Century Stores].

Lovely glass display dome from Wayne @ VV

[Editor's note: that's Wayne of All Our Yesterdays fame].
It's the peak holiday time, and we were braced for the worst - meaning virtually no visitors! - but our August Summer Holiday fair turned out very lovely indeed.

We all know that Stockport is a largely unrecognised gem of a town, but it's still very unlikely that tourists will choose to spend even a bit of their precious summer break here, despite all the amazing nearby attractions and beautiful countryside within a few minutes drive.  For goodness sake, we need at least one or two boutique hotels or B&Bs for a start - and if anyone reading this has the initiative, resources and talent to create one, please take my idea for free and run with it.  I'm standing by to pass on recommendations!

Where was I?  Oh yes, our Summer Holiday fair.  It was pretty super!  A steady stream of interested visitors, some sunny weather, and a nice relaxed vibe.

Our traders put on a fabulous display, with lots of seriously take-homeable stuff.  You can see some of the most take-homeable stuff here, and a few atmospheric shots around the fair, all contributed by our visitors and a few traders too.

As ever, we're totally thrilled to see what you share online, and we're very grateful to those who took the trouble to do so!

If you would like to contribute to our Visitors' Galleries, just post your photos on Twitter @Vintage_Village, or on our Facebook page.  If you're on Instagram, please add the tag #vintagevillageuk.

Now we're recovering from this month and getting set for September - it's our five year anniversary, a landmark occasion, and we would love to see you there! 

[Editor's note: wheels from Snygg].

A few treats from #vintagevillage

[Editor's note: can you guess where this was from?!]
Lisa Holye:
Even though we are still totally jet lagged we made our way to Stockport for the Vintage Village. More vintage hand mirrors, playing cards, goldilocks and the three bears, a silver ciggy case and not pictured a jacket Mark got that fits him like a glove and was a steal at £23
and because everyone knows I love Harry Potter a awesome view master with a set of slides! #vintageaddiction

[Editor's note: the Harry Potter ViewMaster is great, but it isn't vintage - I'll be making enquiries ...!]
Teenage capers pin dish from @lace_andliquor and creepy pair of display hands from 20th Century Timewarp #vintagevillageuk
Oh holy handle, x 3. 😍😍😍 #vintagevillage #vintagevillageuk #thedailybake #futurehousefittings #bakelitehandle #artdeco #artdecogasm 🌳🐸🍏💚

[Editor's note: from Mick's Goodies at 20th Century Stores].

This denim found me and fit me at VV

Yesterday's treats from the fair: Cheeky 1930s Norah Wellings-style 1930s sailor doll from BRG Collectables, ace 1960s ceramic armchair from 20th Century Timewarp and orange teardrop blob in a resin cube from the reliably groovy @dabberdecades #vintagevillageuk
And last but not least from #VintageVillage today... Gorgeous fabric on a dress and "Cook with (an insane) Stag" #1970sdress #vintagedress #ephemera #1950s #midcentury #stagsalt #1950skitchen #helpfulstag #unstablestag #vintagevillageuk