Visitors' Gallery August 2012

A very choice selection this month, with the welcome addition of a molto cool outfit shot courtesy of @OneVintageDress (more please!  We love 'em!)

You can click on the photos to go to their original source, and click on the Twitter names to meet the contributors in Twitterland.

We're always delighted to see your photos, whether they're of your purchases, your outfits or shots taken around the fair - just post them on Twitter @Vintage_Village, or onto our Facebook page so we can see them.  And if you can remember the stall name, that's even better because we like to give credit our fabulous stallies whenever we can!

Ginger La Rouge (via Facebook):
"Really proud of my find at the fair on Sunday! Just what I was looking for!"

[Editor's note: prised from the personal collection of @Sesameandlilly!]

"This is the result of missing 3 @Vintage_Village Stockport Markets!"

"Trip to @vintage_village"

"Living in Cumbria, where I grew up, my Mum doesn’t get to go to many vintage or antiques fairs, but she does collect pink glassware. So, when I spotted this I had to buy it for her!!"

[Editor's note: see more of OneVintageDress' fantastic buys here, and read about her day at the fair here].

"Three impossibly chic French fashion mags; today's haul from the magnificent @vintage_village"

[Editor's note: supplied by Garbo Antiques].

"@Vintage_Village today"

[Editor's note: sadly, these lovely scooters were not for sale!]

"Amazing find by @jimrainford11 at @Vintage_Village Stockport today! #bargainhunteatyourheartout"

"Got my 60's on for today's @Vintage_Village :)"

"A ray of sunshine from @Vintage_Village!"

Stephen Marland
Stephen Marland (via Facebook):
"Today at the ever wonderful Stockport Vintage Village.  Just one pound from The Room at the Top - knowledge is power"

[Editor's note: found at Eclecta Books].

"My @vintage_village haul :)"

[Editor's note: super red shoes from Dabberdecades, cupcakes from Stuart Thornley Cake Design - @STCakeDesign on Twitter].

"@Vintage_Village here is my loot :)"

"Gorgeous carrot & walnut cake from Mr Thornley yum @Vintage_Village xxx"

[Editor's note: from Stuart Thornley Cake Design, naturally!]