Visitors' Gallery April 2014

Jodi Jo Retro (FB)
Jodi Jo Retro (via FB):
“Have had a marvellous day car booting and a visit to the Easter fair at Vintage Village at Stockport Market Hall . Today's treasures at the fair consist of a super large Tomado tin from Snygg , a smaller tin from Tin Trunk , tea towels from Penelope Cat Vintage and a Portmerion storage jar from the very gorgeous Diana of Diana Black Vintage who always has fabulous items . The edible treat was from Stuart Thornley Cake Design ...a Cadbury's egg chocolate brownie . I bought four which apparently I've got to share !?! X”

“Can't wait to wear these beauties tomorrow for work @Vintage_Village

[Editor's note: shoes from Kinky Melon's Retro Boutique aka @Vintage_Vix66 on Twitter].

“Came home with these zingy lovelies from @Vintage_Village today!”

“April's haul from @Vintage_Village. From @snyggstyle, @EclectaBooks, and cake already eaten from @STCakeDesign.”

“Went to @Vintage_Village today and bought a fab gravy juice separator. I'm far more excited than I should be!!”

“Some eggcellent finds from today's @Vintage_Village #vv #vintagefind”

The Easter bunny got busy at our Easter Fair this month, concealing little eggs on all the traders' stalls with teeny vintage trinkets in them.  These proved so popular with our visitors - some of whom snaffled them up by the dozen, so we've been told! - that another batch had to be distributed after lunch. 

Our obligatory weather report: mostly bright, fresh and sunny, with some rather stiff breezes.  One such gust actually blew over a marquee in the Market Place.  Fortunately, there were no injuries, only a bent leg (belonging to the flying marquee, don't worry).

Apart from that little mishap, we had a super, busy day and you can see some of our visitors' prize finds here. 

Don't miss Rachel's fantastic Finds of the Fair too.  And two fabulous blog articles about the fair from A Thrifty Mrs and new-to-VV trader Kinky Melon's Retro Boutique aka Vintage Vixen.  (Both these excellent blogs are well worth subscribing to).

Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to share their photos - I just love seeing what you found that I missed!

All the photos link back to their original page, and the names link back to the original accounts (apart from personal Facebook pages, naturally).  Please be assured that I always give full credit and linkification.

If you would like to contribute, just tweet your photo/s @Vintage_Village (with an underscore!) or post them on our Facebook page.  If you use Instagram, please add the hashtag #vintagevillageuk

"Rexard Caricature doll from Vintage Gift Shop at yesterday's Vintage Village. #1950s #fifties #traveller #glamour"

Lisa Hoyle (FB)
Lisa Hoyle (via FB):
“Thought I'd share a little picture of our treasures! My Husband and I are also a fan of JJ's bygones and picnic hampers and snatched up an adorable picnic bag that we adore! We can't say enough good things about this market and while I went a bit crazy this month it was well worth it!”

“Very tailored 40s tweed jacket from The Crinoline Lady at yesterday's Vintage Village fair.”

@Vintage_Village today. Cacophony of colour. Go. #stockport"

[Editor's note: this is Snygg's amazing stall]

"Lovely studio photo of a lady and her dog from The Crinoline Lady at yesterday's Vintage Village fair. #1920s #twenties #tweedsuit #spaniel"

“And another doll! #1950s #fifties #beatnik #teen #telephone #Rexard #caricaturedoll"

[Editor's note: this was also from Vintage Gift Shop].