Visitors' Gallery April 2013

We just couldn't resist this little lady come join the @TwithTom family another great find @Vintage_Village

One of the Steampunks currently circulating Vintage Village, what a finely dressed bunch!

Seriously amazing pizza guys! Hope you'll be back soon at @Vintage_Village We want more @Honest_Crust

Alice and Jacob enjoying @Vintage_Village this afternoon.

Just bought this beautiful jar of foraged flowers for the stall from a lovely lady at vintage village

[Editor's note: this was from new stall Watch The Flowers Grow - @flowerythings on Twitter.  Also, you must read Sam's blog about her day - it's great!].

Lauren Griffin
Lauren Griffin (Facebook):
The Westwood Ho! Fair, 14th April 2013

[Editor's note: this is, of course, our chums and regular VV visitors Michelle and Bill Bridges].

fave find today from All Our Yesterdays (2nd piece in 2visits from here)...thanks @Vintage_Village #vintage #amazing

Garbo Antiques
Garbo Antiques (Facebook):
Some of the Steampunk Crowd who made yesterdays Vintage Village Fair such good fun!

Thanks @Vintage_Village you can never have too many handbags!

Spotted! My photo at the Room at The Top Stockport! Lovely :-) @Vintage_Village

And these gorgeous 'first day of issue' stamped envelopes from kitsch republic

[Editor's note: @Kitsch_Republic]

A favourite customer, the stylish & lovely Louella @RoomAtThe_Top yesterday @Vintage_Village

Great time @Vintage_Village this afternoon, and came home with this rather lovely leafy material

[Editor's note: barkcloth from @snyggstyle].

Another fine haul from Vintage Village - the case from @ooohbettyloves was always going to be mine!!

[Editor's note: Tupperware also from Oooh Betty!, pinny from Show Us Your Threads].

Lovely morning treasure hunting with moomin at @Vintage_Village

I think we broke our record this month!  The Vintage Village Westwood Ho! Fair in honour of Vivienne Westwood must have been our best attended event ever as visitors flooded into Stockport's venerable covered market hall to find themselves a few treasures.

We saw much more genuine Vivienne Westwood gear than we expected.  Dame Vivienne clearly has a devoted following in these parts, as was demonstrated by the often standing-room-only conditions in our pop-up cinema showing a fascinating documentary about her life and career.

Many people had their first encounter with the extraordinary phenomenon that is steampunk too, as the Cottonopolis Coglective descended upon us in all their splendour.  They were definitely the stars of the show!

All this excitement has resulted in a very impressive Visitors' Gallery this month.  Our grateful thanks to everyone who took the time to share their fantastic photos which you can enjoy here. 

You can click on the photos to view their original pages, and click on the "@" names to meet some of our visitors on Twitter.

If you'd like to contribute to our Visitors' Gallery please tweet your photos @Vintage_Village or post them on our Facebook page

And you can see more photos of our Westwood Ho! Fair taken by our roving snappers Frankie Cooksey - @VivaLaFrankie - and Deanna Birch in our Facebook album of the fair.

Until next month!

Stephen Marland
Stephen Marland (Facebook):
Simply delighted with my Fiesta Ware jug, big thanks to Penelope Cat Vintage.

[Editor's note: @PenelopeCatVtg]

@Vintage_Village goodies from the monthly vintage fair. Wool and silk blend jacket and pure silk collar!

Jodi-Jo Retro
Jodi-jo Retro (Facebook):
Another smashing fair ! And it was warm too , hooray !!! Great finds again, 2 great swaps with my favourite "Oooh Betty", a pin cushion that I've had my eye on for a while and a full roll of wallpaper. Two huge lengths of thick cotton fabric and a pair of 50s curtains from the fabulous Joan of "Vintage Allsorts". A set of spice jars. Yellow flower fabric from "Lace and liquor Vintage", orange flower fabric from "Caroline Sydall". The Danish Nymolle plaque from Snygg and last but never ever least , a selection of 60s towelling fabric samples. Wow-wee. And a big thank you to everyone who visited and bought . Nap time :)

Nice purchase from @Vintage_Village the Queen of British Soul

@Vintage_Village pies and gorgeous #clutch. Double awesome! #vintage Please visit for great vintage finds for all

After a trip to @Vintage_Village #ivyandvera indulged in champers & chintz. Why save it for everyone else to enjoy?

lovely new dress...vintage of course @Vintage_Village

Look what we found at @Vintage_Village isn't she pretty

[Editor's note: pretty Mexican lady from Kitsch Republic].

@Vintage_Village buys: lettering set, Portmeirion sugar basin and John Clappison Hornsea mug all from @snyggstyle.

Garbo Antiques
Garbo Antiques (Facebook):
The Cottonopolis Coglective Steampunk group loved Garbo Stall with lots of Victorian costumes

Along with these gorgeous fabric scraps!

[Editor's note: Kitsch Republic again!]

Lauren Griffin
Lauren Griffin (Facebook).

Melanie Hart
Melanie Hart (Facebook):
Loved the fair yesterday, met some lovely people and bought some gorgeous things. Topped off by seeing the new Vintage Directory in the "flesh" with my photo on the cover! Be back for the Hand in Glove one....x

£3 for 4 pretty bottles for my #britishflowers @Vintage_Village this weekend. Got meself a bargain.