Visitors' Gallery April 2012

We were a little bit worried that people would be too busy scoffing Easter eggs to come along to our Easter Parade Fair, but the healthy turnout surprised us all!

And once again, our visitors have excelled themselves in hunting down the most lovely goodies to take home, and kindly shared their photos of them on Twitter (except @OoohBettyLoves, who emailed her picture over - ta!)

Click on the photos for their original source, and on the Twitter names to visit some very interesting Twitter streams.

"Loving the treasure I bought @Vintage_Village just what I've been looking for especially the old trunk! So pleased!"

[Editor's note: smaller case from TinTrunk, big trunk from Village Vintage Clothing].

"A couple of vintage summer dresses I bought from @Vintage_Village Easter Fair today"

"A few purchases, as a visitor today."

[Editor's note: read Emma's very entertaining blog about her day here.  Cake pops from @STCakedesign, fabric and buttons from @Kitsch_Republic].

"Chunky 70s leather handbag in mint unused condition from Hotch Potch Vintage, my treat from @Vintage_Village on Sunday!"

"MONKEY! Another addition to my bookcase from @Vintage_Village"

"Beautiful table bought @Vintage_Village today"

[Editor's note: this was from @Kitsch_Republic].

"@Vintage_Village find by Emma @ lost but not forgotten"


[Editor's note: I can see TV celeb @allaboutAl there!]

"Cant wait to wear it! @Vintage_Village"

"@Vintage_Village my purchases from yesterday-collection coming together nicely can't wait to get them up on the wall!"

"One of today's little treats from the @Vintage_Village #bigkidatheart"