Visitors' Gallery March 2011

From @LOTTIEatFLUKE: "More gems bought from @Vintage_Village today, wash tubs which are now planters."

@ElsieAnderton really needs a gallery all to herself, as you will see as you scroll down!  Here are some uber-glam glittery gold lamé gloves and a Japanese fan.  Blogged here.

@nicolaridings spotted some Homepride Flour Freds!  Including a cheeky winking one!

"SmallBoy spent £3 &a free gargoyle from ManInBlack & free brooch off a lady! (it's his smile)" from @wifenotlodger.  And here's her blog.

@OldFashionedSus did awfully well, with a baby pinny from Agnes Darling, a dinky hand mirror and case, and some plates and saucers.  Blogged here.

Some choice deckchair reading for @ElsieAnderton and her significant other.  Blogged here.

A 20s Czech glass Egyptian Revival pendant, and a 1st World War lucky charm ("Touch Wood") which was given to soldiers, from @ktpop.  Found by TinTrunk.

@flarter found these gorgeous 1940s shoes for her petite feet!

@nicolaridings snapped this marvellous array of vintage cameras.

An elegant tea cup and saucer found by @meganthomasillo.  Seek out her blog here.

And we can't overlook @LittlestMy, who always does so well!  "My lovely booty from todays Vintage Village - it never lets me down!"

Alistair helping out at the @STCakeDesign stall.

Jan Pienkowski teatowel, found by @meganthomasillo.  Check her blog here.

@Anne_L_Kershaw is such a talented photographer!: "An array of wonderful vintage delights that I bagged myself at the Mad March Vintage Village Fair. It includes goods from Lady Behave, Stuart Thornley Cakes, Pink Flamingo Vintage Boutique and of course, Grumbi Doll. Oh how I love them. (Pictures are obviously not to scale, though if you want to imagine they are for fun, feel free.)"  Enjoy Anne Louise's blog right here.

@ElsieAnderton has a passion for orange.  And badges.  Blogged here.

A navy bowtie was one of @ladybehave's finds, modelled here by her "Tiny Tyrant."

"An original cloth kit in my eldest girl's size!" found by @LOTTIEatFLUKE.

A controversial frock choice by @ElsieAnderton, which you can read about here.

@ladybehave also brought home these 1930s pot metal clip earrings of Norman soldiers, from TinTrunk.

Some charming vintage plates, a pink gravy boat, diamanté brooch and a classic 60s handbag - @nicolaridings' impressive haul from The Vintage Village.

An impressive collection of collectable vintage tins, captured by @nicolaridings.

Its that woman again!  The vivacious @ElsieAnderton models a feathered headband from Lady, Behave!  Blogged here.