Visitors' Gallery February 2011

@Anne_L_Kershaw's amazing "Vintage Village stash," featured on her blog.

@ktpop appears to have been hit by a fog bank after setting up her stall!

@LittlestMy returns with "My ace purchases from Vintage Village."

@LOTTIEatFLUKE found this lovely, oniony salt'n'pepper cruet set.

@ladybehave: "Fisher Price drum complete with cymbals, maracas & tambourine (may live to regret it?)"

TinTrunk treated herself to this hand-knitted Lambchop puppet from Maria Theodorou (and then played with it all day doing bad Shari Lewis impressions).

@LOTTIEatFLUKE found some adorable vintage children's books.

@STCakeDesign: "Our Vintage Village stall before the rush . . ."

@AgnesDarling found this ceramic mushroom wall plaque: "So kitsch I love it!"

@ladybehave: "a collection of paper lanterns to be hung over Arlo's crib."

@ElsieAnderton found two beautiful diamanté necklaces and a very elegant white plastic cameo brooch.  Read about her day's browsing (and the traumas which preceded it!) here.

A close-up of @ElsieAnderton's cameo brooch.

@Anne_L_Kershaw captured this portrait of one of our stallholders hard at work tittivating.

@nought2niche found this cheeky Polish wooden peg doll.

@ktpop needs feeding!

@AgnesDarling found one of her vintage 'Holy Grail's, a black swan planter.

@AllieJohns took a great shot of this stall: Lady, Behave! goodies at the right, then TinTrunk's to the left.