Visitors' Gallery April 2011

@glitterp0ps found this beautiful selection of 1930s china: "@Vintage_Village brilliant bargains today! Loved it. What gorgeous stalls and lovely stallholders!"

@ladybehave went mad for fabrics this month!  First up is this: "Two metres of abstract print fifties fabric from @Vintage_Village."

One of our stall holders, Flying Duckie, managed to find time to snag these gorgeous items from Agnes Darling and Parrot in the Pantry: "WOOOP WOOOP! Another amazing selection of items to add to my unique ever growing collection! If you have never been to Vintage Village you should go because there is treasure to be found, it's rich in both beautiful vintage and hand crafted items created by very talented local artists! xxx"

A red gingham dress with embroidered pockets and bodice, from Agnes Darling, bagged by @OldFashionedSus.  Read about it on her blog, Susie's Old Fashioned Finishing School.

@uncoolmum found these charming 1930s square rose transfer side plates: "Lookee lookee what I got at @Vintage_Village."

Some vintage bottles found by @OldFashionedSus.  Read all about it on her blog.

She thought she had missed this handbag at the last Vintage Village, but @nicolaridings finally bagged it this month!  Read about it here.

"Instant lampshade collection from @AgnesDarling" - another winning selection by @ladybehave.

Four old photographs (the one in the middle is dated 1919) found by TinTrunk on Eclecta Books' stall.

@ElsieAnderton was treated to this 1970 copy of The Observer magazine.  Read (and see) more on her blog.

@ladybehave was very pleased with this!: "Muppet Show fabric, soon to be Tyrant's new cot-sheets from @Vintage_Village."

Another sterling selection of enviable purchases this month.  And, once again, these photos are contributed entirely by our female visitors, with nothing from the men! 

We'd love to see some purchases from our male visitors - we know they come along, and some of them must buy something.  Maybe they just don't like to show off like us ladies?!

From our Visitors' Gallery pioneer, @LittlestMy: "My trio of 60's dresses found today @Vintage_Village (as usual, had to drag myself away)."

@wifenotlodger says: "Fabulous finds from the @Vintage_Village."

@OldFashionedSus acquired this scarf from Standing on the Landing, and an exquisite little blue dish.  Here's her blog report of the day.

TinTrunk couldn't resist this 1960s Couros tray from The Side Room, with a real wood and brass inlaid cat.

@nicolaridings loves her china!  See more here.

"Blue & Gold astrology-themed fabric remnant from @Vintage_Village" - found by @ladybehave.

A Luxe Decor "rude-y dude-y" lamp looks right at home in @ElsieAnderton's house.  Read all about it on her blog, The Babylon Lane Tales.

@ladybehave won this glamorous gown at this month's fair: "Fab see-through floral maxi dress, a fiver from @Vintage_Village."

More treasures found by @wifenotlodger, including decorated cake trays, a codswallop bottle, darning mushroom and glass jelly mould.

Told you @nicolaridings loves her china!

More @ladybehave finds!: "Half a metre of cotton floral from @Vintage_Village."

@misfitmum: "Stuff from @Vintage_Village 10/04/11. Hoping there's a story to Cheerful Puppy, it has my grandparent's names on!"

@OldFashionedSus has a weakness for saucers!  Read about her day at the fair on her blog.