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Time For Tea and Cake

My love of vintage homeware came from my gran: I remember her kitchen filled with blue and white Cornishware and her bedroom brimming with huge faded roses on Sanderson fabric.

Her twin set and pearl style has stayed with me, I still treasure some of her belongings but never stop looking for a pretty piece of fabric or a shabby bit of homeware that has been well loved and deserves a second chance to provide pleasure.

Sadly there is a limit to how many pretty jugs and cushions a lady living alone in a flat needs so I decided that rather than stopping my hunting I would sell on some of my finds.  It is hard selling on things I love but its such a great pleasure knowing they are going to someone that will appreciate them as much as me.

I love doing The Vintage Village and chatting to people about my finds and knowing they are going on to another happy home.  My gran was a huge advocate of afternoon tea, linen table cloth, rose tea set and homemade cakes on moulded glass cake stands, so in her honour I came up with the name and am eternally grateful for her influences at an early age. even if I've never been able to pull off a string of pearls!

You can contact Time For Tea and Cake here.

These photos of Time For Tea and Cake's stall were taken at The Vintage Village Nearly Easter Fair, Sunday 10th April 2011, by Vicky Kelsall.