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Tailorbird Mobile Alterations

This dress was too small across the back.

This fur-trimmed coat was too long for the owner.

Your local door-to-door clothing alteration service

Tailorbird provides a door-to-door alteration service for Manchester city centre and the South Manchester area.

Specialising in vintage clothes, she loves to update retro styles, resize clothes to fit like a glove and even repair those can't-get-rid-of favourites!

Tailorbird's philosophy of make-do-and-mend is about getting the most out of our clothes in this throw away society.

She does this with care and skill, making it her aim to provide you with a garment that you will love for a lot longer!

At The Vintage Village Tailorbird will be ready with her sewing machine, running an on-the-spot alteration service, as well as providing consultations about clothes that could be customised or altered.

Bring your freshly purchased vintage garments to her stall for a while-you-wait tweaking, or, for more demanding jobs, leave them with her and she will deliver them to you door transformed and ready to wear!

Visit Tailorbird's website for more information, and you can catch up on her latest news on Twitter.

Tailorbird inserted a complementary fabric into the back of the dress to make it fit.

Tailorbird shortened the coat to the ideal length, with the fur trim carefully repositioned.