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Rachel's Boutique

Hello and welcome to Rachel’s Boutique!

Rachel’s Boutique started as my beloved hobby, making beautiful treasures for friends and family, but I soon wanted to share them with you!

My stall is always full to the point of collapse with little treats including handbags, gifts cards, note books and tea cup candles as well as some lovely vintage objects I pick up on my travels for you to enjoy.

I try to keep my stall well stocked with craft based bits, and you can usually find bright and colourful knitting needles, sewing patterns, buttons, crochet hooks and a range of bobbins and threads - everything you could need to make do and mend!

Pop along and say hello and feel free let me know if you’re on the look out for anything in particular.  I’m always happy to make commissioned pieces or keep my eyes peeled on behalf of the Vintage Village customers.

Visit Rachel's Boutique website, or you can get in touch here.