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Mirabel Vintage Silver

Hello, I'm Gail...  Welcome to my shop, Mirabel Vintage Silver.

I have worked all my adult life in the jewellery trade, with a particular love of silver; it holds a certain mysticism, the designs are much more daring and exciting, sculptural and experimental.  That's not to say I dislike traditional items, anything that is well designed and crafted is appreciated. 

I endeavour to find these treasures in great condition, and will have some restored to their former glory where necessary. 

The history of vintage pieces fascinates me too, I love to imagine where they've been, the stories they could tell.  I am always on the look-out for lovely items to sell, and if you can't find what you desire, I am willing to help search out particular pieces. 

Should you have any vintage silver jewellery you no longer wear I am willing to part exchange, or indeed offer you a fair price.  It's always a great feeling to see somebody really chuffed with their purchase, somebody new to cherish and enjoy another chapter in its new life.

You can find us at The Vintage Village every month, on Etsy and Facebook.