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All Mod Cons

Foremost, we are collectors of vintage items and, more recently, dealers of homeware from the 1950s-1970s.  Always on the lookout for the unusual and quirky, our favourite items are those that are instantly identifiable to the decade that they were first made.

We always have a good selection of fully usable items for sale such as vintage telephones, table lamps, magazine racks, coffee tables etc as we firmly believe there is little more satisfying than using a vintage item on a daily basis in place of a modern item the same as all 'the Jones' have.  For like minded collectors we also have a wide selection of glass and ceramics on offer at very reasonable prices. 
As real perfectionists, we get massive satisfaction from rescuing vintage pieces from a very uncertain future and giving them the TLC required for them to serve another generation in the way their makers intended. Therefore, whilst unmistakeably vintage our items are offered in a condition that will enhance your home, sitting comfortably with a totally vintage interior or as key statement pieces.
We look forward to seeing you soon.

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All Mod Cons at The Vintage Village.