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Vintage Village Video

We have been lucky enough to welcome the creative team behind Screen Stockport to The Vintage Village not just once, but twice! 

Stockport People was shot at our Telstar Fair on Sunday 10th July 2011 and takes a rather impressionistic approach.  The fab soundtrack is I'd Much Rather Be With the Boys by 1960s Stockport band The Toggery Five.

Video by Screen Stockport.  Our sincere thanks to them for allowing us to share it here.

And here's an earlier, and longer - it's an epic! - video presented by Tom Barratt and shot at our Mad March Fair on Sunday 13th March 2011.  Settle down and enjoy!

Video by Screen Stockport, original source.  Many thanks to them again for permission to share this.

More recently, we were delighted to find this video shot at our 14th April 2013 Westwood Ho! Fair by thepartyfaithful, which captures the hustle and bustle (and treasures!) of the fair.

And in February 2013, Manchester's guru of frugal-but-fun living - and our Finder of the Fair in February 2012 - A Thrifty Mrs, presented this charming video detailing her latest VV purchases (and saying some awfully nice things about our fair and our stallies too, thank you!)

Screen Stockport
Screen Stockport

The Screen Stockport Independent Short Film and Television Festival is the creation of energetic young filmmaker Joe Barratt, and is produced by Little Wonder Television.

The first festival took place at Romiley Forum on Saturday 17th September 2011 and was a huge success. 

As a proud Stopfordian, Joe Barratt is just as keen to spotlight local talent as he is to make connections worldwide.  Nip over to Screen Stockport right now where you will find an ever-expanding selection of fascinating videos to watch, including interviews with creatives from Stockport and independent filmmakers from all over the world.

Visit their website for details about their forthcoming events, and you can keep up with all their latest news on Facebook and Twitter too.