Finds of the Fair 11th September 2011

This month's Finder is an avid regular visitor at The Vintage Village we first got to know via Twitter, where she goes by the name of @LittlestMy or in 'real' life, Beth Taylor.

We are great admirers of her distinctive personal style and impeccable taste.  In fact, it was Beth's posts of photos of her super-enviable personal finds which inspired us to create our Visitors' Gallery!

Anyway, let's allow Beth to introduce herself:

"I am an ex-ballet dancer, drummer and record shop worker whose finest moment was recording a session for John Peel. I am now a teaching assistant, bookshop worker and tea drinker who loves most things pre-owned or handmade. To be found either at school, the allotment or in a corner reading."

We are so chuffed that she agreed to take on September's Finding mission - especially as it was our special First Birthday Bash Fair! - and I'm sure you'll agree that every single thing she's picked is a winner!

Donald & Miss June
1970s Sony portable television, £20 from Donald & Miss June:

My other half spotted this little beauty at Donald & Miss June (named after the stallholders' neighbours who are a stylish 1950s couple). It is a portable TV from the 70s to take camping!

Daisy Garforth
Handmade tea dress, £22 from Daisy Garforth:

You cannot beat a polka dot, especially on a tea dress!

All Our Yesterdays
1970s Fisher Price record player, £18 from All Our Yesterdays:

All Our Yesterdays never disappoints. Wayne had a wonderful 1971 Fisher Price working record player that seriously tempted me but next time I looked, it had been bought"

Time For Tea and Cake
Handmade 'Home' framed picture, £10 from Time for Tea and Cake:

Another favourite stall, Time For Tea and Cake, has a great selection. This would make a fab present for someone who has just moved house.

Village Vintage Clothing
1960s lace sheath dress, £30 from Village Vintage Clothing:

I am a regular at Village Vintage Clothing who have the most gorgeous dresses including this dreamy lace number that has a small train from the waist. Another missed opportunity as it had gone when I returned!!

1950s French doll, £25 from All Our Yesterdays:

Every time I visit this stall, I always look at two beatnik girl dolls - this one is rockin' the tennis racket!

Embroidery hoops, £5-6 from Oooh Betty!:

Oooh Betty! was right up my street with a combination of vintage and craft items. These embroidery hoops would make lovely presents.

Agnes Darling
Vintage kitchen utensils, £2.50 each from Agnes Darling:

It wouldn't be right unless I mentioned my favourite stall Agnes Darling! A welcome return and all their profits today were donated to Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. I could have bought all these vintage kitchen utensils

Standing on the Landing
Vintage wicker basket, £10 from Standing on the Landing:

This basket caught my eye at Standing on the Landing as my daughter has a miniature version. An elderly lady also looking mentioned that she took her cookery ingredients to school in one!

Ooh Betty!
Vintage sandwich flags, £2 from Oooh Betty!:

I managed to purchase these great retro sandwich flags for a bargain £2! Just need a tea party now...

Agnes Darling
1960s coffee cups, £10 the set from Agnes Darling.