Finds of the Fair 9th September 2018

Hi there, I'm Wendy and I love vintage.  Four years ago I 'found' the Vintage Village and it's been on my calendar ever since.  Love, love, love it 😍

It's a great hunting ground for vintage buttons, buckles and fabric that I then use to replicate outfits from the 1930-40s.

My love for vintage also extends to seeking out treasures and selling at #vintagedressingupbox in Glossop.

Hope you enjoy my selections ... twas hard not to photograph everything!

1950s Italian vase, £10.00 from Bluecat Vintage:

Onwards and upwards to find this amazing vase.  I just love the free flowing 3d effect of the paint application.  It reminds me of 'taking a pencil for a walk' we did in school art lessons, and doesn't that little bear look so cute in there?  I couldn't resist him so he came home with me to sit among the rest of my bear collection.

1960s-70s onion pot, £10.00 from KitschKatzUK:

This K&H pickle jar sent me straight back to my Nana Greenhalgh's kitchen in the 1970s, where one of these little chaps sat on the table.  One now sits on my kitchen shelves and is home to the 'kitchen specs'.  It's the only sure way to find a pair when trying to read those tiny instructions.  Why do they make them so small?

1960s Men's and Ladies' signs, £5.00 the pair from Anna's Attic:

Gents to the left, ladies to the right.  They may be used for your convenience but I can see these iconic 60s figures framed and hung on the wall.

Best of British mixed cheese and onion pie, served fresh and hot, £4.50 from Lord of the Pies:

Tummy's rumbling so it must be time to visit Lord of the Pies for one of their mouthwatering mixed cheese and onion pies, served with a smile from the Ladies of the Pies.  In my humble opinion the best ever.  Well second best to Nana's, she of the onion jar fame.  Practically perfect in every way.  Ted thought so too.

Blackcurrant liquorice crumble slice, £1.50 from Stuart Thornley Cake Design:

Cake, cake everywhere.  Well it is the Vintage Village's birthday.  So what better way to celebrate it but with a piece of blackberry and liquorice crumble slice from my absolute favourite guys at Stuart Thornley Cake Design?  It's deliciously full of chunks of liquorice and perfect with a cuppa when I get home.  Psssst ... don't tell my Weight Watchers leader!

1940s Cordé handbag with lucite handle, £180.00 from Mary Jones Vintage and Glamour:

A quick side step to tumble into the Wonderland that is Mary Jones Vintage and Glamour, and what awaits but my biggest vintage weakness - Cordé handbags.  These bags are created by using rows of gimp stitched into fabric in unique patterns.  Amazing workmanship and what a beautiful example.

1980s Umbro football shorts, £10.00 a pair from The Grand Collector:

We wear short shorts.
Shorts from a time when footballers played in proper kits.
Jumpers for goal posts.

1930s pale gold cloqué evening gown, £45.00 from Valentine's Curious Closet:

Oh be still my beating heart.  The most divine late 1930s evening dress made from a beautiful cloqué fabric.  Just look at those fabulous shoulders.  It took some will power to leave this lady behind but she was a slight bit snug 😏

1950s child's hand-cranked miniature sewing maching, £10.00 from Keith:

No surprise that one of the first things I spied was this sweet little child's sewing machine.  I used one exactly like this in my first endeavours at dress making for my dollies many moons ago.

1930s phenolic bow buttons and celluloid fancy buckle, buttons £2.50 from Vintage Clutter:

Well it didn't take me long to find sewing notions.  Super early plastic bow buttons and the most fabulous buckle.  They both now reside in my stash ready to use on my next 1930-40s outfit.  Vintage Clutter always has the most amazing selection of buttons and buckles to tempt me.

1930s-40s jacquard weave rayon gentleman's dressing gown, £25.00 from Value Vintage in 20th Century Stores:

We took a peek around 20th Century Stores.  Always a treasure trove.  What a spiffing gentleman's dressing gown with a Deco style pattern.  Very Mr Cholmondley Warner. Ideal for sitting reading the Sunday papers in.

1970s ceramic lion money box, £12.00 from suzylovesmilo:
Just look at that face. Who wouldn't want to save their pennies in such a handsome Leo Lion?

1930s Singer sewing machine, £65.00 from All Our Yesterdays:

I spy with my little eye the adult version of my first find.  Complete with original instructions, boxes of accessories, and the best bit is that Wayne has its original bill of sale too - £5. 10s.
Soooo shiny.

Mary Calkins limited edition print on board, £75.00 from Room at the Top at 20th Century Stores:

And down stairs we go to find this colourful print.  Titled Moderno Bellow lll.  Not my usual style but the geometric pattern is evocative of 'Pucci' and that pings my hidden groovy chic.

Well that was a fun time, full of memories and treasures. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

P.S. The 1930s dress did come home with me. Thank goodness for good seam allowances 😉

[Editor here]  Yes, that was LOTS of fun, thank you Wendy!  There's definitely something for everyone in there, with eight Finds at £10.00 or under too - there's bargains to be had at the Vintage Village!

You can find Wendy on Instagram @vintagedressingupbox

If you would like to have a go at being our Finder of the Fair, just get in touch.  We would love to hear from you.