Finds of the Fair 9th October 2016

1930s-40s Zeiss Ikon Ikonta camera, £20.00 from We Used To Have One Of Those:

I am obsessed with film cameras, I shoot lots of Polaroid and use vintage cameras myself, and I would love to own one of these and use it.  It would also make a great display piece.

1950s Goldtone leaf brooch with pearl detail and multicoloured stones, £3.00 from Anne Langton:

I think I liked this due to the iridescent pearl colours and loved the shape.

1950s dusky pink glass bowl set with gold trim, £20.00 from Boomerang Vintage & Retro:

I thought these looked very modern despite being vintage, a fantastic price at £20.00!  I saw some jewellery with gold trim a while back, and I loved that so I think this is why I subconsciously liked this bowl set.  I can see myself using these and they would fit very nicely in my kitchen.

1960s navy faux fur coat, £25.00 from Goldstar Vintage/Modfrocker:

Lyndsey who runs the stall is in the middle of a name change.  I saw this and thought that some young girl out there would love it, it's a steal at £2.50 and clearly in such good condition.

Mini cupcake selection, £10.00 from Stuart Thornley Cake Design:

What a great idea!  Mini cupcakes, and the pretzel one looks delicious!  I was hoping to buy a cake, but they had sold out by the time I got round.

1950s tinsel fairy, £4.00 from All Our Yesterdays:

There's something about weird and wonderful Christmas decorations. My mum has a tinsel fairy for the Christmas tree she uses every year, and it was her nan’s (my great nan), and I wondered if this fairy had ever been someone's hand me down or treasured decoration.  She's wearing a purple tinsel tutu, brilliant!

Vintage silver tray with 1970s geometric floral fabric, £7.00 from Tickle Vintage:

My friend spotted this, and she knew I would love it so I actually bought it.  The peach colour is pretty much the same as my hair at the moment, and I can use it to display some of my photographs.

My name is Jenn Brookes and I am a photographer.  I used to live in Stockport and recently moved to Manchester city centre. I love vintage and I am drawn to colourful things.

You can find me on instagram as @jennbrookesphotographer

1960s-70s Aquascutum midi coat, £40.00 from Kiki’s Kitsch:

This coat was in excellent condition, thick for the colder weather coming in and would clearly last years. A bargain at £40.00.

Vintage red skates, £5.00 from Raw Vintage:

I have never seen skates this old before, and they were obviously genuine vintage.  I loved that they were red and they stood out when I walked past them.

1960s vibrant patterned blanket, £35.00 from All Our Yesterdays:

I'm currently looking for a beautiful blanket for the living room of my apartment, and this would be great.  It's also very colourful, and that is exactly what I am drawn to.

1950s coffee Machine, £380.00 from Fickle Pickle:

What a fantastic piece of kit.  I love coffee and was drawn to the old lettering and the red colour.  It looked very American to me.

1980s blue metallic flower earrings, £10.00 from The Side Room:

I saw these and thought they were amazing, like nothing I had ever seen before.  So odd but different!  Kind of abstract. £10.00?  Bargain!

1949 flower painting by Barbara Shaw, £10.00 from Make do and Mend:

I liked the fact this old picture had a blue tint to it.  I have been looking for a vintage painting for a while, and I loved this one.  I'm obsessed with anything floral too so I had to find the perfect one.

1950s ceramic swan nail brush, £5.00 from Essentially Eagle Vintage:

I loved that light blue of the nail brush and thought the swan element was such a quirky thing.

Our hearty thanks to Jenn for casting her professional photographic eye over our fair - It's been a real pleasure!

If you fancy having a go as Finder of the Fair, please don't hesitate to get in touch.