Finds of the Fair 9th October 2011

Hi everyone, allow me to introduce you to my Finds of the Fair!

But just before I do that I’ll let you know a little about myself.  I’m Vicky from Sewabee and I’m eight weeks off finishing a year long challenge to raise money for Oldham Cancer Support Centre.  My Make Do Not Spend Challenge has involved me buying no new clothes since December 1st 2010, as if this wasn’t enough I also challenged myself to wear a different outfit every day out of my existing wardrobe.  The only concession I have allowed myself is that I am able to buy material and sew my own clothes.  If you’re wondering how I’ve kept track of 299 outfits, I take a photo every day and write a blog at

[Editor's note: see Vicky's outfit for her Finding mission!]

You might wonder what possessed me to embark on this challenge!  Well, like so many other people, I have watched people close to me living with cancer and having fundraised for other cancer charities I wanted to do something for people in my own town.  Unfortunately my Dad died of cancer in July so he won’t be able to see me finish my challenge but the pleasure I have got from my clothes and the support I have had from friends and people following my blog has definitely helped me through some dark days.  So far, I've raised over £3,500.

I am a relative newcomer to vintage but my love of it is growing stronger and stronger.  I really like the idea that vintage clothes have such a rich history and often imagine what events the previous owners wore them to and the life they had in them.  Anyway enough about me, let’s get on to the main event . . .
the Finds!

Soda Syphon, £12 from Cyprys Antiques and Collectables:

Again it was nostalgia that attracted me to this item, that’s what I love about vintage…the memories they evoke and the people you remember. My Grandma had one of these that sat on her drinks tray in her front room and as soon as I saw it I was transported back to Sunday afternoon visits to Grandma in Blackley.  Grandma used to let us play cricket in the house with a rolled up newspaper so how anything survived without breakage is a miracle.  Andrew of Cyprus Antiques started his career in fashion and he has extended this over the years to vintage clothes and household items.

Stampers, £25 from La Maison Royale:

My Mum and Dad were both librarians before they retired and they had a stamper from one of the libraries they worked in.  If you’re not sure what they do basically you put a piece of paper in between, press down and it embosses on to the paper whatever the plate says.  The lady at the stall explained you can have the plates changed.  The one we had was nowhere near as fancy; I love the black and gold design on these stampers.

Jumper from Expressions:

Emily, a fellow blogger who I met up with on Sunday, alerted me to some fabulous jumpers on Jonty and Bob’s stall Expressions.  I love the fluted edges of the neck, sleeves and bottom of this jumper but I was spoiled for choice when making a selection.  Emily bought a gorgeous yellow jumper which will look great teamed with skinny jeans.  I forgot to get the price of this jumper but Emily’s was £15.  Jonty and Bob are a husband and wife team who have been married 37 years!!!!

Stamp Canvasses, £25 from That Girl Sue:

I saw these canvasses the first time I visited Vintage Village in August and I loved the vivid colours and simplicity of the idea, they just look so striking.  Sue used to collect stamps as a child and decided to put these to good use in these gorgeous canvasses, she also augments her own collection with stamps sourced from eBay.  I purchased some lovely Christmas Cards, incorporating Christmas stamps, from Sue on Sunday and can’t wait to send them out over the festive season.

Gingerbread Cake Pops, £1.50 from Sugarbird Cupcakes:

Isla and I refuelled at Sugarbird Cupcakes, indulging in a Double Chocolate and Ginger Bread Cake Pop respectively.  I highly recommend them they were delicious, although both Isla and I can take or leave cake ;-)

Child’s Toy Gramophone, from James Wilson:

This caught my eye on James Wilson’s stall and I was even treated to a demonstration of it playing.  It seems unbelievable that a child’s toy from 1919-20 is still working.  Isla was completely captivated by it, which is reassuring when you think of all the modern technology on offer to children today.  The toy is German, unfortunately I didn’t get the price but the record is Happy Birthday!

Little Scotch Doll, £2 from La Vintage Vantage:

This cute little doll caught my eye immediately as I used to have one when I was young.  My Dad was from Glasgow and we bought my Scotch Doll in Edinburgh on a trip up to the homeland.  This particular doll was bought from a thrift shop in Bramhall by Louise from La Vintage Vantage.  Louise started her business because she had so much stuff in her house and it was either be crushed under a pile of all her vintage items or share the love and start selling them!

Blue and White Gingham Dress from September Girl:

Whoops!  Forgot to ask the price again, think it’s because I’m not buying clothes!  Anyway I just love gingham it’s so fresh, crisp and summery.  Gina told me that she made this out of a pair of curtains, this really appeals to me as I love the idea of transforming an item into something completely different.  After Dad died I made bunting out of his old shirts.  Gina has about 300 vintage sewing patterns and boy would I love to have a look through them.

Flower Hairband, £3 from Vintage by Moya:

I love hairbands and so does Isla.  I love that even with my short hair I can wear them and feel pretty.  I was initially drawn to the stall because of the hairbands but when I chatted to Moya I felt an instant affinity with her ethos.  Instead of making a profit from her gorgeous hairbands, necklaces and bracelets made out of buttons Moya donates the money made to a range of different cancer charities.  It’s always lovely coming into contact with inspirational people who use their skills to benefit other people, keep up the good work Moya.  By the way I had to buy this for Isla….how could I not?

Briefcase, £12 from Lost But Never Forgotten:

One for the vintage-loving man here, I think this would look great with a good mac and a smart trilby!  I’d certainly give a Gent who was carrying this a second glance, in a purely “interested in Vintage” kind of way you understand :-)

1950s Shot glasses in atomic style holder, £12 from All Mod Cons:

Now it might surprise you to hear that I can be a bit of a party girl ;-)  My friends and I have been known to enjoy a shot or two on a girl’s night in, and out, and when I laid eyes on this I suddenly had a vision of myself carrying the shots through to my friends.  I told one particular friend about this and she demanded that I buy it her as a housewarming present if it’s still around at next month’s fair.

1960s handmade emerald green dress, £20 from The Past Perfect:

I don’t think my poor photography skills have done this dress justice.  It is made out of the most gorgeous emerald green silk taffeta and has beautiful gold trim round the neck and sleeves.  This is one of my favourite colours and if I wasn’t on my challenge I would have leapt at the chance to try it on.  There was an offer to set it aside for me but I wasn’t sure this was in the spirit of my challenge so I’ve decided to leave it to the hand of fate and if it’s still there at December’s Fair I will be buying it for my Christmas Party.

Cake Stand, £20 from Beauvale Boutique:

Lynsey of Beauvale Boutique makes these gorgeous cake stands out of vintage plates.  I love cake, I love Afternoon Tea, I love cake stands and I love vintage . . . need I say more?

Hope you enjoyed our Finds of the Fair as much as we enjoyed hunting for them. If you see me next month say hi - and if you see someone whooping and throwing money around at December’s Fair it will be me xxxx

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