Finds of the Fair 9th November 2014

Longstanding fan of the Vintage Village and founder of the much missed, Susie has apparently been desperate to do another turn for us as Finder of the Fair (see her first go here, back in July 2011). Her blog Old Fashioned Susie is a place to visit to see how vintage living can work in a modern everyday life.

1970s Ironstone Ware by Myott plate, £2.00 from itsewlisa:

I saw this poppy plate and wanted to include it as it was Remembrance Weekend – and Armistice day on Tuesday- the poppy being the chosen symbol of respect.

Vintage Advertising & Prints
1920s to 1950s magazine adverts and illustrations, starting price £5.00 from Vintage Advertising & Prints:

This entrepreneurial chap had loads of fantastic, original vintage adverts and images for sale, mounted or framed, taking the hard work away from you.  I know I’ve got a pile of images I need to do this exact thing to.

Vintage Clutter
1950s Howard Holt style ceramic cat string holder, £10.00 from Vintage Clutter:

“What an excellent name for a stall” was my first thought.  My second thought was “I’ve got one of those!”  These Howard Holt 50s pieces seem to be one of those items that all vintage fanatics have in their homes: they’re practical and pretty - my favourite combination.  This was £10.00 - I’ve seen them for double that price so it was a very reasonable amount to get something that is a vintage ‘must have’.

Garbo Antiques
Christmassy vintage child’s cape, from Garbo Antiques:

This cute child’s cape caught my eye - how festive!  I did almost buy this, but Captain Sensible got the better of me.  (I ended up chatting with Maggie and didn’t write anything down for this!!)

Diana Black Vintage
1960s milk glass storage jars, £1.00 each from Diana Black Vintage:

Diana had loads of goodies on her stall for amazingly affordable prices.  I found these canisters which she told me are Italian.  They were £1 each so I bought them - it would have been a crime to leave them behind, plus they are going to look great in my kitchen when it’s renovated.

Vintage 78 DJ
Novelty candles in various vintage ceramic and glass tableware, starting price £5.00, from Vintage 78 DJs:

The incredible Matt and Annabel of Vintage 78 DJs fame have so many strings to their vintage bows - another that I hadn’t know about before is candle making.  These candles are different to the regular teacup candles and have a great retro diner feel.

What took us so long to invite you back, Old Fashioned Susie?  Honestly, you really are very good at this indeed, thank you!

Lace & Liquor Vintage
1950s cotton print dress, £50.00 from Lace & Liquor Vintage:

This stunning 1950s fan-patterned dress really caught my eye on the display mannequin.  It’s a refreshing size 14 and I loved everything about it - the pattern, the cut, the colours.  I didn’t get the brand (or perhaps did but forgot to write it down!)

Zulu spears, £20.00 each from MickyGhanga:

This was the first time I’d seen this particular stall and it was a refreshingly masculine change from the pretty pastels and florals that often seem to saturate the vintage scene.  The newly coined term ‘mantiques’ even came to mind, and I could picture many of the items on this stall inside somewhere like The Addams Family home.  Especially these Assegai spears from a Zulu tribe - these would look perfectly appropriate mounted above Gomez Addams’ fireplace.

Bus Stop Vintage
1980s topstitched leather holdall with green piping, £135.00 from Bus Stop Vintage:

I saw this leather holdall and immediately pictured Robert Redford in The Sting from 1973.  It was in tip top condition (probably unused) and so well made.  It would make an excellent gift for the gent for Christmas.

Stuart Thornley Cake Design
Gin & Tonic cake shot, £3.00 from Stuart Thornley Cake Design:

I don’t think this needs an explanation as to why I included it!  GIN!!

Shady Lane Vintage
1980s American red jacket, £20.00 from Shady Lane Vintage:

This little red jacket caught my eye - I could picture slipping it on for Christmas Day festivities with a cheesy festive brooch of some sort.  All the way from the USA, the brand is Marty Gutmacher.

1980s Seagull model mounted on a driftwood and sea shell adorned base, £35.00 from Snygg:

This chirpy fellow made me jump so I had no choice but to include him in my Finds.  Originally he was a prop made for the BBC, and he appeals to me because of my afore-mentioned Addams family obsession - I could picture him in their vast lounge. Steven the Seagull (Seagal!!)

All Our Yesterdays
1980s Christmas gift tag packs, £1.00 each or two for £1.50 from All Our Yesterdays:

Wayne always has a very busy stall, and today was no exception.  I spotted these deadstock Christmas gift tags at £1.00 each or two for £1.50.  I think that’s cheaper than buying them new!!