Finds of the Fair 9th June 2019

1950s wicker basket, £10.00 from Vintage Clutter:

This item caught my eye straight away.  I adore vintage baskets and this one had everything going for it!  Nice and sturdy, colourful plastic trim and raffia decoration.  At that bargain price, this was coming home with me!  Purchased from the lovely Vintage Clutter.

1960s ceramic platter, £60.00 from Squound:

Venturing into the tardis-like emporium which is 20th Century Stores, I was spoilt for choice!  This large colourful platter from Squound was just beautiful.  It’s by Rörstrand of Sweden.  For something this stunning, the price is entirely reasonable.

1970s souvenir pennants, £5.50 each from All Our Yesterdays:

These vintage souvenir pennants from California are really fun and would make a fantastic piece of wall art - watch out, I feel another collection coming on!

1960s-70s sewing box, £45.00 from Jane Pemberton:

This vintage fabric-covered sewing box is just divine!  I love everything about it, super colourful, in lovely condition and very practical for storing those sewing essentials.

Tapestry cushion, £10.00 from Essentially Eagle Vintage:

You can never have too many cushions!  The floral theme continues as I spotted this cushion on the stall of Gail of Essentially Eagle.  Lots of work in this tapestry cover, all done by hand, what a bargain!

1950s buttons, £3.00-£5.00 per card from Watch U Wareing:

Buttons!  I am an avid collector of antique and vintage buttons so on my travels around the market, I spotted these!  On original cards in unused condition, really lovely.

I hope you have enjoyed my collection of Finds, it’s always a pleasure to visit the Vintage Village!

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We certainly did enjoy that florally flavoured trip round our fair, thanks Jane!

If you would like to have a go at being our Finder of the Fair, please do get in touch.

Hi there, I’m Jane and one half of the Vintage Things Forever partnership.  I’m also a vintage shopping addict and I’m totally happy about that!  I have a full-time job as a secondary school teacher and Noel runs the business full-time, I just get to help with the fun bits, the buying and the social media. 

I really have a passion for hunting out lovely vintage items and never miss an opportunity to sniff out a bargain!  It’s total escapism from my day job, you get to meet all kinds of lovely, like-minded people and it’s great being able to source items and match them up with their forever owners.  Of course, being vintage sellers ourselves, it goes without saying that we do keep an item or two for ourselves.  Pretty much everything around us in our house is vintage and full of character and history.  I just don’t know why you wouldn’t buy vintage!

We’ve been regular visitors and sometime traders at the brilliant Vintage Village in Stockport for many years and will always visit when we can.  The market has a lovely, friendly atmosphere, great traders and you never know what you are going to find!

I was delighted to take on the task of ‘Finder of the Fair’ this weekend!

1950s German film poster, £40.00 from The Modernist:

This vintage movie poster is superb!  Dating from 1955, the graphics mimic the curvaceous star Sophia Loren, simply stunning!  Thanks for the information Steve!

1960s tapestry handbag, £25.00 from TinTrunk:

Floral is a definitely theme for me and it continues to this stylish 1960s tapestry handbag being sold by Sarah of TinTrunk.  Sarah has the most amazing collection of vintage luggage, jewellery and so much more!  This bag is timeless, and in super condition.

1950s apron, £15.00 from Em's Bygones:

Having a background in fashion and textiles, I am drawn to vintage fabric like a magnet!  This super vintage apron from Em’s Bygones is made from the most stunning printed cotton fabric.  It appears to be in unused condition, I think I’d be afraid to use it but it would look lovely hanging on the back of the kitchen door!

1950s-60s picnic hamper, £38.00 from Allsortz:

A favourite Find was this superb picnic hamper from Allsortz.  Sold in excellent condition, very useable, practical and stylish!

Flower petal shoes, priceless, from Mary Jones Vintage:

I was totally intrigued by this fascinating pair of petal-covered shoes on the stall of Julia of Mary Jones Vintage.  She uses them as a display piece to set off her stunning collection of vintage hats and accessories.  She told me that she is often asked if they are for sale, I’m not surprised, they are a work of art in themselves!

1970s tin tray, £15.00 from Uni-Cycle Vintage:

This brightly coloured tin tray from new trader Uni-Cycle Vintage attracted me immediately.  Dating from the 1970s, the colours were so vibrant.  Practical items do not have to be boring!