Finds of the Fair 9th July 2017

I'm Marie of The Queen's Drawers

I have been an enthusiastic vintage advocate since my teens and early 20s when I loved rocking my 70s lime green leather waistcoat and platforms at raves.  I wanted to be Debbie Harry or Lady Miss Kier from Dee-Lite. 

Nowadays I love my 60s and 70s crimplene frocks and thick tights so pray for autumn all year round.

1970s Wombles pyjama case, £14.00 from Emily Rose Vintage:

Childhood memories came flooding back with this 1970s Wombles pyjama case, still with original 1973 Boots label attached and a snip at £14.00.

When did we stop using PJ cases I wonder?   Bring them back I say.

1960s-70s set of caravan cushions, £110.00 from Corinne:

I had total trader envy for the gorgeous Corinne. Selling her personal collection of mainly 1950s homewares.  She had stunning lamps, colourful glassware, Dansette legged side tables and the most fabulous atomic plant stand.  I would love to spend a day just wandering around her home. 

I chose to feature this psychedelic print caravan seating cushion set.  When she purchased it originally it was covered in dull upholstery fabric which she removed to reveal this amazing print in near perfect condition. 

Tapestry cushion cover, £6.00 from Balmer & Stanley:

The item I regret not buying: this handmade cat cushion cover.  It was made by the trader's own dad as part of his rehabilitation after a stroke.  The cat on it looks like my very own naughty tortie Cheeky.

I'm going to track them down on Instagram to see if they still have it.

1980s Sony Walkman, £35.00 from The Hoolala Circus:

Another item that made me want to be young again: Cliff Richard roller skating round Milton Keynes anyone?  Apparently there's a big resurgence in cassette tapes at the moment too.  Let's all get Wired For Sound. 

1970s mini dress, £15.00 from Silly Gilly Vintage:

The item I wished fitted me: this early 70s beagle collar turquoise mini dress from the gorgeous Silly Gilly Vintage.  It was only £15 too.

I love Gilly's style and covet her clothing stock madly, much of which is from her personal wardrobe. Like me, she's of the thinking, buy it, wear it then move it on and let someone else love it too.

Our fervent thanks to Marie for her idiosyncratic tour of her personal favourites found at our Summer Holiday fair! 

You can catch up with her online on Instagram, Twitter, purchase her fine vintage wares on eBay or in person at the Vintage Village where she is a regular trader. 

1970s plastic mirror, £12.00 from All Our Yesterdays:

Dressing Table Essential.  Absolutely loved this gorgeous round, green plastic mirror.  If I had a dressing table this would definitely have been a purchase.

So my style.

1960s Daktari annual, £4.00 from Essentially Eagle Vintage:

The item that made me smile: a 1970s Daktari Annual.  I loved Clarence the cross-eyed lion and the annual reminds me of a Vic & Bob Sketch. 

Makes me laugh every time.

Stone Rose ‘Fools Gold’, £16.50 from Check Records:

This item that made me want to be young again: the Stone Roses Fools Gold 12" single.  One of my all time favourite tunes for sure and a record I regret selling myself a while ago.

1960s Byrds poster, £250.00 from The Modernist:

The item I wished I could afford: this original 1967 Bill Graham Byrds poster from The Modernist.  It's from their first performance at the legendary venue Fillmore West, San Francisco. 

We have a lot of original film and performance posters at home, mainly Beatles related as my lovely husband is an avid collector.  This was sadly out of our price range but definitely worth the money for such a rare find.

1960s Tricel cardigan, £4.00 from Aspidistra Vintage; 1970s blue plastic flower brooch, £4.00 from Vintage Clutter; 1970s Welsh tapestry cape, £15.00 from Garbo Antiques:

My Purchases.  I did actually part with some cash.  Here's the items I couldn't resist.

A green Tricel cardigan from Aspidistra Vintage.  Hoping to wear it next weekend when I'm trading at a mod event in Morecambe.

A beautiful turquoise blue plastic flower brooch from Vintage Clutter, who had the best trader sign.  It reminds me of the jewellery my mum would wear.  I might keep it for her (probably wear it a few times first though).

Couldn't resist this fab 70s welsh tapestry mini cape from Maggie at Garbo Antiques.  It's a child's size but just about fits on my shoulders (or I might be kidding myself).  I will give it a go and if I decide it is too small after all I will pass it on to my friend who specialises in children's vintage.