Finds of the Fair 9th February 2014

Hello, my name is Alex, A.K.A Aspidistra Vintage, and I will be your finder of the fair today.

My first experience of The Vintage Village was a bit of a revelation; this was where I discovered that the objects I'd collected over the past twenty years were now collectively know as 'vintage'.  Also, I wasn't the only one who loved objects from 50s, 60s and 70s, here was a market full of people buying and selling the fabulous stuff.

Eight weeks later I was back, as a trader this time, and one year later The Aspidistra is still flying.

It was very easy to find fantastic things at this month's Vintage Village, but then it always is. Thank you to Sarah and Alan for the opportunity, and thank you to the stall holders for their time.

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Jodi Jo Retro
Handmade foot pouffes, £25.00 each from Jodi Jo Retro:

A sky scraping tower of lovely foot pouffes greeted me at Jodi Jo Retro's stall.  Jodi Jo Retro uses vintage fabric to make beautiful things that remind you of when the fabric was made, very clever.  The foot pouffes were works of art.

1960s Arthur Wood ceramic string holder, £15.00 from Snygg:

Next up, an Arthur Wood mid-century string holder, in the form of a bird (the string is dispensed from the beak).  I Iiked the way this was displayed on the Snygg stall, they always put on a good show, a destination stall.  Very prettily painted, this perching bird was £15.  I didn't buy it so you still may be able to!

Sue Booth's Sparkle
1950s-60s marcasite brooch, £14.00 from Sue Booth's Sparkle:

I could stand and stare in front of Sue Booth's jewellery all day, but that would be rude and get in the way of customers.  Photographing this beautiful sailing boat brooch gave me an excuse to linger; still in it's original box, just look at the marcasite waves...

Goody Gum Drops
Polish wooden peg doll, £8.00 from Goody Gum Drops:

Joanne from Goody Gum Drops told me that this is a Polish peg doll. I do like a vintage doll, and having three daughters is the perfect excuse to buy them.

Lace & Liquor Vintage
1960s Pyrex cooking bowls, £12.00 each from Lace and Liquor Vintage:

Pyrex is fantastic isn't it?  You can cook with it yet it's good looking enough to serve from.  Easy to see why we've loved it for so long, not to mention its durability.  I sound like I'm on commission, but it is very well designed, even down to the detail of one spout-like handle on the bowls.  Lace and Liquor like it too, and were selling these two large bowls for £12.00 each.

Penelope Cat Vintage
Selection of Ladybird books, £1.00 to £10.00 each, from Penelope Cat Vintage:

I always go to Penelope Cat's stall for a look at her Ladybird books.  It's as good as looking at old holiday pics for that nostalgia fix.  On this occasion I looked through Beauty and the Beast, and remembered how sad I'd felt for him, and that his hairy face had disturbed me a bit.

Big on Retro
1960s ceramic money box by Trentham Art Ware, England, £8.00 from Big on Retro:

I found and photographed this ceramic hedgehog money box, just in time as I think he was about to be snapped up.  Not surprised, he has a great smile and only cost £8.00.

All Our Yesterdays
1970s Varianta boardgame, £7.00 from All Our Yesterdays:

Varianta is a boardgame/puzzle/design and memory aid, made in West Germany by Otto Maier Verlag Ravensburg, 1973.  It's worth researching this company online - they've made some lovely games.  This one is a series of brightly coloured printed cards that you can use in lots of different ways, and also design your own patterns.  It's in fantastic condition, so I'll be keeping my children's grubby paws off it for now, as they can make a new game look vintage in the space of an hour.

Jayne Walker
1960s set of six Melaware egg cups, £10.00 from Jayne Walker:

This fantastic set of Melaware egg cups are a great example of 60s plastic; fun and functional.  Jayne Walker had displayed them beautifully and they were a bargain at £10.00.  We agreed that Micheal Trainor (artist and creator of Cafe Pop and Pop Boutique in the early nineties) was probably responsible for a lot of mid-century plastic, glass and ceramic habits, ours included.

Diana Black Vintage
1960s Wedgwood glass candlestick, £8.00 from Diana Black Vintage:

Some serious mid-century design now, seriously beautiful!  This is the work of designer Ronald Stennet-Wilson for Wedgwood, a two hoop, amber 'Sheringham' candlestick.  One of the best things about collecting and selling vintage is doing the research.  It's fantastic to get something home, research it and discover its maker - a perk of the job.

1960s houndstooth coat, £75.00 from Retrodec:

An Alexon swing coat caught my eye next,  it's probably a bit late to be buying a winter coat but why not save it until next year? It will be even more vintage then.

Sarah's Second Chance
1950s-60s Egersund tureen, £6.00 from Sarah's Second Chance:

Norwegian ceramics are in demand right now, and I should have bought it.  I have been watching all the Nordic noir at the moment, and miss a lot of the plot scanning the sets for beautiful lighting and ceramics!

Shabby Cheek
1960s printing block, £2.00 from Shabby Cheek:

I would like to get back to printmaking sometime soon, so I was very interested to spot this newspaper or magazine printing block, mounted on wood.  I think the metal plate had been photo etched.  I like the image of the prefab building, and it's also a nice object in itself.

Hand's up who wants to go shopping with Alex next time?!  Thank you so much, Alex, for such a delightful selection, and such excellent photographs!