Finds of the Fair 9th December 2018

Hello, I'm Alex, Aspidistra Vintage to you, and I'm one of Vintage Village's biggest fans.  I've been trading at The Vintage Village for five years, and if you're a regular, there's a very good chance I've sold you something lovely, or we've had a nice chat.  The wonderful traders and customers keep me coming back for more every month, as well as the photogenic and affordable vintage. 

I love the buzz of this busy market, and the fact that you can find the full spectrum of vintage here, from high end to fun and affordable, and everything in-between.  To prove it, here are my Finds of the Fair!

1970s maxi dress, £20.00 from Mrs Morton's Vintage:

Here we have a gorgeous, red maxi dress with pleated details.  Yootha Joyce features on Mrs Morton's excellent logo, and I think Mildred would look amazing in this.  I've always admired Mildred's flamboyant fashion choices and interior design skills, she's much too good for George, and could do a lot better, in my opinion.

1970s viking gonk, £6.00 from Vintage Clutter:

This warrior looked a bit out of his depth amongst all the sumptuous trimmings, buttons and sewing notions around him.  He has horns and a beard to be proud of, but clearly no time for haberdashery, his loss.

1970s Modernist pendants, from £6.50 from TinTrunk:

A visit to the Vintage Village wouldn't be complete with out calling into 20th Century Stores.  A quick skip over the cobbles and you'll find all things vintage under one roof.  TinTrunk of 20th Century Stores specialises in luggage and costume jewellery.  Surrounded by towers of beautiful leather cases I found this shimmering display of modernist pendants all at very reasonable prices.

1970s Baffle ball game, £10.00 from Anna's Attic:

There were literally hundreds of toys at The Christmas Crackers Fair but I decided it was the Baffle Ball that deserved our attention today, mostly because of the baffled parent featured on the packaging.  There will be many a parent baffled by their children's Christmas presents this year, here's to them and all you vintage lovers out there, have a very merry Christmas and a happy 2019!

1950s-60s Liberty fabric curtain, £30.00 from Essentially Eagle Vintage:

Look at the pattern on this!  Love a Mid-Century fabric, and this lined curtain has it all, bold, fresh colours and it's in fab condition!

1960s Poole lidded casserole dishes, £15.00 each from Balmer and Stanley:

Balmer and Stanley are my neighbours at Vintage Village, they are a huge distraction on the day as they are a good laugh.  Their stock isn't bad either, like this pair of fabulous 1960s casserole dishes for instance, all the big names at The Vintage Village!

1950s-60s Cherry handbag, £60.00 from Mary Jones Vintage & Glamour:

Mary Jones Vintage has a time machine and regularly travels back to all the glamorous 1950s American department stores to source her stock.  It's the only explanation for this beautiful Saks Of Fifth Avenue cherry handbag, and the rest of her glamorous wares.

1950s plastic christmas tree decorations, £3.00 each from All Our Yesterdays:

These atomic, Star Trek Tribble look-a-likes with knobs on were available to the general public at the Christmas Crackers Fair.  Nothing surprises me at the Vintage Village anymore.

1970s wooden vodka bottle holder, £30.00 from RetroFunky:

RetroFunky brought Christmas to Stockport this month, their display of Vintage Christmas decorations was a sight to behold, but it was a handsome Russian bottle holder that caught my eye.  He'll guard your vodka with a pointy spear and was made with the same traditional pyrography techniques that Matryoshka dolls are, vashee zda-ro-vye!

Decorative tin whistle, £12.00 from Garbo Antiques:

The Vintage Village can take you even further back in time than vintage, to antiquity in fact.  Garbo Antiques are one of several Vintage Village traders that have serious antiques side by side with vintage.  This pretty, black and gold tin whistle, would have cost one penny one hundred years ago.

Who played this?  What tunes has it played?  Did someone's mother hide it because they couldn't stand the noise?  We'll never know.

Wasn't that a yule-tastic treat?  Our hearty thanks to Alex for compiling such a Christmas cornucopia of vintage goodies!

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