Finds of the Fair 9th September 2012

We seem to have the very best luck in attracting people to take on the Finds of the Fair mission who always exceed our expectations with their amazing selections, and this month was no exception!  Let's leap right in here and allow our esteemed Finder of the Fair to introduce herself:

Hello there, my name is Tanja, I'm an American who followed her heart to England for love, but I won't bore you about that, you can read all about that cheesy stuff on my blog.

I have always adored the idea of vintage but to be honest where I am from in middle of nowhere America (aka Arkansas) there isn't much call for it.  It's expanding more and more.

My best friend actually opened an amazing vintage store called Stitch.  She's someone I look up to and I guess you could say our friendship was the seed to blossoming my love for vintage.

There is just something about where each item has been or what events have taken place.  How each item has made it this far and into your hands.  Whether its a pair of shoes, a camera, sunglasses, a dress, a tea set - the list goes on.  I always like to imagine who had the items before me.  Like the suitcase I purchased at my very first Vintage Village (you can read about it here).  I like to think of the travelling this suitcase has withstood.  Where it's been and where it's going to go with myself.  It's almost a connection you have with someone else.  I am kind of camera obsessed and each time I hear that click in my vintage cannon 35mm I think of how many clicks that camera has heard as if a heart beat to keep it alive, looking through the finder as if it's the cameras eyes to the world.

Right, before I get too carried away - sorry! - when I saw Sarah's tweet about being a Finder I immediately responded with excitement but trying to be subtle that I would love to do it.  When I got the tweet, I was in work and probably really shouldn't have been on Twitter but I had to go downstairs and kind of jump up and down really quickly and then return to my computer as if nothing had happened.

I anticipated this weekend as I've been planning on returning to The Vintage Village but I've been too busy.  So when I got the tweet it was sealed signed and delivered that I would be going.  YES!

My heart kind of races as I'm walking up to the doors as I just can't wait to see what's in store for my eyes to see.  I love seeing all the unique fashions and style.  Only problem is I am like a cat and I have to literally look at everything.  So I have to do a few rounds and take everything in before I can actually start to get down to business.

Vintage Clutter
Brown felt hat, £15 from Vintage Clutter:

The one thing I wanted to find was a felt hat for my Finds.  I saw this gorgeous felt goodness the minute we walked in.  It was in such good condition.  It was exactly what I had in my mind for a hat.  Not completely cowboy or fedora but a mixture of the both.  I also really like the colour of the light brown with a hint of green khakis.

Bygone Times
Tretchikoff Chinese Girl print, £75 from Bygone Times:

I really wish I could say that I know a lot about art but sadly I don't.  This painting really stood out to me though.  I love how her face is a greenish blue.  I like how she seems very strong but yet quite gentle and almost as if she has pain behind her eyes.  I imagine her missing her loved one and you can tell that her arms are crossed under her beautiful kimono but I bet her hands are grasping her arms as if to keep herself from completely showing complete weakness.  Something so beautiful about her parted and flipped out hair.  I just love everything about this.  It only has few colors but I feel the colors in this image just draw you in.

Wax Delerium
Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits, £15 from Wax Delirium:

To go with my vintage record player some vintage vinyl was of course a must.  I couldn't quite decide as there was a lot on offer so I just chose one that was in the front and I do quite love.  I actually am listening to a bit of Bob Dylan right now as I type this.

1980s wicker picnic hamper, £30 from Retrodec:

Another thing my husband and I really like to do is go on picnics when the sun is shining.  I loved the cute little ducks and detail but my favorite part was the basket itself.  I love how it kind of looks a bit like a suitcase.  Lovely wicker and leather straps.  Now that's picnicking in style for a good price as well!  £30!  I know I've seen some on the high street recently and they are ridiculous prices!

Black Cat Vintage
1980s men's chunky sweater, £12 from Black Cat Vintage:

These are all coming back into style.  I saw this and thought immediately of my husband and also what he would look like in this when we are 75.  Totally adorable.  I love the colours and the pattern.  I also love the neck, sleeve and bottom of the sweater trim.  It looks so warm and cozy.  I even could imagine myself stealing this out of his closet and then wearing it on a cold winter day with a cup of joe in hand while listening to a bit of Ella Fitzgerald on the record player.

Jean Blakeley
1980s 'feather' earrings from Jean Blakeley:

I looked at this stall filled with alluring earrings and brooches.  These charming earrings stuck out.  I am a big fan of silver jewellery.  It's hard to tell in the image but the center of these are mother of pearl.  These kind of remind me of native american indians.  Kind of Pocohantasesque.  Girly but still staying safe.  They are dangly but not too overpowering.

Caroline Syddall
Men's brogues, £25 from Caroline Syddall:

Brogues, a timeless shoe.  Can be dressed down or up when going out on the town.  These are in such amazing condition.  I'd like to know to know where these shoes have been.  Was someone wearing them when they had their first kiss?  Maybe when they walked down the aisle?  "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view - until you climb into his skin and walk around in it" spoken by Atticus Finch, in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  It's almost if you were to walk in someone else's shoes what if you could glimpse into their life and see things differently maybe appreciate the finer things.  If the shoe fits....

Heirloom Rose
1950s-60s multi-strand pearl necklace, £8 from Heirloom Rose:

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend but I personally believe that nothing is more elegant than a pearl necklace.  They can make complete any outfit.  If you're getting married soon and looking for wedding jewellery I would recommend something of this sort.  I also do like that you get your little bit of diamanté detailing in the back of the clasp.

One of a Kind
1980s cream and black brocade shoes, £15 from One of a Kind:

These stood out to me. They kind of remind me of a mixture of kimonos, carpet, curtains and old man house slippers.  I not only loved the fact that they were simple but yet loud.  The sole of the shoe stood out to me as well as most flats are so thin and I find flats don't last that long.  The quality of these were really lovely.  Post secret: before we left, they were still there and I kind of had to buy them. So these are no longer for sale.

Show Us Your Threads
1970s Vogue Thermos flask, £4 from Show Us Your Threads:

I really couldn't decide what I wanted to pick from this stall because I secretly wanted everything.  I also wanted to take one of the stall holders, Emma, home with me and have her style me everyday.  I drink so much coffee but I like to bring my coffee from home.  This is so cute and retro and I like the little cup on the top.  It kind of reminds me of a workers coffee flask.

1930s nursery gramophone, £70 from Mr Wilson:

I would have chosen this anyways but the real seller for me was the cutest man ever, named Wilson, winding the record player up.  He was just so cute I knew I had to include this.  I love record players.  I love the little imperfections in the sound and the scratchiness and grit of the music.  I feel that when vinyl was around real music was still alive not this malarkey that we now call music.  Back in the day it was real talent.  My husband and I love just dancing in a room on our own to music.  Once we decide on a more permanent place to live we are going to invest in a record player so we can put a record on and just dance in the middle of the living room and maybe we will end up in Paris in the 20s?  A girl can dream can't she...

V&A Antiques
Singer sewing machine, £35 from V&A Antiques:

Oh my Singer.  There is something about a Singer isn't there?  I love how rustic yet stunning they are.  They look so durable but so dainty at the same time.  I picture my grandmother sat next to my great grandmother learning how to sew the doll clothes that she was going to one day sew for my dolls.  I imagine when women starting standing for the right to be unique and designing fashion.  Back when women respected themselves a lot more than they do now.  When what a woman was to wear was almost all the freedom she really had.  As long as her ankles weren't on show of course.  Such a classic.  This had its original instruction manual and was such a great price given its fantastic condition.

1980s sailboat blouse, £16 from Suzylovesmilo:

If you follow me on Instagram or see me about, I'm either wearing a blazer, men's sheer tops or something with a button up collar.  I was deciding between three items from this stall.  I bought a men's style shirt from here last time and it's probably one of my favourites.  I wanted to buy this one last time too, so I thought since it's still there it was definitely a must.  I love the bright blue with the specs of colour.  This kind of reminds me of a Windows PC background/screen saver in the 90s.

September Girl
1980s beaded and sequinned bodice top, £20 from September Girl:

I see this paired with a big high waisted black tulle skirt and finger wave curls going on.  I wish I had the bottle to wear something as gorgeous and detailed as this but this will be going back to dreamland.  I love the bright colors and bit of sparkle.  Very Art Deco.

Oooh Betty!
1970s tea set, £18 from Oooh Betty!:

I work for Utility Design and we sell a lot of Orla Kiely items.  When asked my favourite designer for our company I actually chose Orla Kiely.  This reminds me a lot of her stuff but for a much more affordable price.  Also these seem very real deal; true retro.  I see this and think of inspiration for a lot of OK's work.  The colours are so beautiful.  I can envision a nice little summer get together with some coffee and cake while sat outside gabbing the day away.  This also reminds me of a set my Oma (german for grandmother) had when I was younger.  2pm hits and whatever you're doing pretty much needs to stop because coffee and cake must be devoured with my Oma.  I love traditions like this.  I also wish life would slow down and we all had more time for coffee and cake everyday.  And by that I don't mean sat in front of our computers while we are crunching numbers and looking at the newest gossip magazine article but actually stepping away, taking a break and taking in life.  Wouldn't that be nice? Everything is so fast paced now...

Mint Vintage
1970s vinyl briefcase, £10 from Mint Vintage:

I couldn't decide if I just loved the briefcase or how it was styled.  Perfect hand bag for a weekend away or even as a carry-on for a trip.  A bag to carry your art work, books, laptop, or maybe even your vintage finds.  £10 as well!  BARGAIN!!!  Nowadays you're lucky to get a coffee under £10.  Ok that's over exaggerating but you get the point....

Right, I hope I haven't bored you too much.  Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity. I would like to say if I could live in The Vintage Village I would.  I feel quite at home.  I feel I find myself more and more each time that I go.  The Vintage Village is such an inspiring place filled with eccentric, quirky, lovely fashionable people and things. It's so nice seeing people so true to themselves. I hope to keep living such a life.

[We're back now ...]  Our humungous thanks to Tanja for presenting such a tantalising array of Finds (and for saying such nice things about our little event!)

If you want to seek out more of Tanja online, go and visit her blog, follow her on Twitter, gaze at her scrumptious Pinterest boards, and she's on Instagram too.