Finds of the Fair 8th September 2019

1930s buckles, £18.00 each from Garbo Antiques:

I loved these.  What fun.  Maggie also had a number of wooden 1940s buckles but my eyes kept going back to these lovelies.

Butterfly tin, £5.00 from Essentially Eagle Vintage:

I loved the colours on this tin.  It reminded me of a 1960s Eric Carle book.

1950s-60s Wiltex Cubs Children's Apron, £6.50 from All Our Yesterdays:

How cute is this?  If this had fitted me I'd have taken it home with me.  There were a selection of children's aprons available today but this one was our favourite.  Look at those bunnies!

Russian promotional posters, £10.00 each from RDC Arts:

We loved these.  Each one had a different theme from Agriculture to Industry.  This one was our favourite though, encouraging healthy eating.

Cat in Fabergé style egg, £5.00 from The Side Room:

I liked this little fella.  I'm drawn towards this kinda thing.  When my daughters were little they'd be thrilled if I came home with something like this.  Now they would be like "Mum, no!".  But who doesn't love a cat in an egg?

1940s Parma Violet perfume bottle, £3.50 from Anna's Attic:

This was from someone's war time make up collection, all in beautiful condition.  Florence really loved this.  We went back a second time to have another look.  There was a little bit of the original perfume in the bottle which made it all the more exciting.

A Meerschaum Shakespeare pipe,  £30.00 from Kim and Mike Draper:

Kim tells me this is about 100 years old. They start life white and over time will change shades of yellow from the tobacco. This is a beauty.  Lovely detail.

1950s cotton Toby Jug design tablecoth, £12.00 from Valentine's Curious Closet:

Lovely vibrant colours on this tablecloth.  From a distance I thought it was a suit of cards but in fact it's a set of toby jugs.  Considering its age I don't suppose this has ever seen much use which is a shame.

Our hearty thanks to Team Chester - Leesa and Florence - for sharing their marvellous Finds with us.  You can follow Leesa on Instagram here.

Hello, my name is Leesa and I'm here at the Vintage Village with my little shopping buddy Floss aged 15.  I spend half the week working with employers and universities to verify educational qualifications and the other half faffing at home.

I've been buying Vintage since it was known as Flea, that's how old I am.  I love a good rummage and have passed on this love of all things second hand to my daughter.

We have quite different tastes and look out for different bargains so this will be a Team Chester effort.

Sidenote: We don't have an ounce of willpower between us!

1960s ceramic wall plaque, £5.00 from Anna's Attic:

Anna and I couldn't decide quite what it was.  Not quite a plate and no fixings for the wall.  Anna suggested it looked more like a large coaster.  Whatever it is she has a cute little face and stood out for me here.

1930s smoking cabinet with "6 pipes and a jar", £50.00 from Keith and Jimmy:

Ooh I wonder who this belonged to.  It's in beautiful condition and the pipes are spiffing.

1930s sphinx earrings, £3.00 from Garbo Antiques:

Floss's attention was caught by these clip on sphinx earrings.  Floss likes small things with lots of detail and these delivered.

1990s designer Joseph Ribkoff nautical two piece, £20.00 from Jane Hamilton:

Floss homed in on this one.  Lovely button detail.  Jane reckons the original owner would have shelled out a lot of money for this originally.

1990s multimedia original art piece, £45.00 from The Grand Collector:

We had a lovely chat with The Grand Collector.  He lectures in fashion at the University so knew how to set this piece off beautifully.  Artist unknown but a one off original.  Beautiful colours and a really unusual piece.

Cup of tea £1.50, hash browns 50p, bacon barm £2.50 from the Oak Tree Café:

Special mention for The Oak Tree Café.  They make a cracking cup of tea and a welcome sit down and gather your strength breakfast.  Floss had hash brown seconds because they were superior, "I make them how I like them" said the lady behind the counter.

[Not vintage!] Irregular Choice heels, £10.00 from Darcy's Delights:

What a bargain!  Snapped up by the time we went back to have another look.  Beautiful iridescent heels with lovely side button details.  I was imagining myself swanning around as something from a Ladybird Well Loved Tales book in these.  Sadly not to be.  And Floss also liked these because they are the kind of shoes her 'fabulous shoe' wearing cousin wears.

Enamel pins, £1.00 each from Anne Langton:

Children in Distress.  Floss picked this one out from the array Anne had on display.