Finds of the Fair 8th September 2013

Agent Showcase
1970s set of glasses, £5.00 from Agent Showcase:

Starting with newcomers Agent Showcase I spotted this rather lovely set of half a dozen glasses dating from the 70s.  Agents Samantha and Val were only asking £5.00 for these funky six of differing colours.  Someone later walked away with a bargain as I later noted they'd been sold.  Keep your eye on these two, they'll be back at future fairs with more goodies I can tell.

Agatha Blue
1960s green glass cups and saucers, £22.00 from Agatha Blue:

At Agatha Blue's stall I feel a bit wobbly as my eyes meet with some beautiful green glass made in France.  "Oh, but it looks like it's come from the Emerald City," I think.  I need a sit down but, sadly, no one nearby is selling any chairs.  Oh, it's a peach of a set, but my kitchen at home is aubergine, so it will clash terribly.  Downhearted, I move on a little way.

Goody Gum Drops
1930s cake plate, £6.50 from Goody Gum Drops:

I had some difficulty squeezing past the crowds which gather round Stuart Thornley and his delicious cakes.  Mmmmm cakes.  I come out at Goody Gum Drops, who have been here many times.  Oh hello, another cake stand.  A brilliant 1930s geometric one at that, single layer.  Perfection on a plate.  It was quickly bought by myself as I totally needed another cake stand.  Well, those sandwiches and scones need putting somewhere.

Joanne, who runs the stall, and I got so engrossed chatting about crafting and petit fours (as you do) that as I left with essential cake stand in hand I realised I had totally forgotten to hand over my money and had to go back to pay her.  Ooops.

Show Us Your Threads
1960s knitting pattern, 50p from Show Us Your Threads:

Next I visited Emma and Nico of Show Us Your Threads.  I'm sorry, but you can't walk past a box marked at 50p now can you?  And this nice sweater pattern for him and her took my fancy.  Loved the pose.  Did I mention it was only 50p?  50p, that's like half a £1 coin.

[Editor's note: I'm pretty sure the 'her' is iconic 60s model Jean Shrimpton!]

1950s tile-topped coffee table, £15.00 from All Our Yesterdays:

At All Our Yesterdays, Wayne (he of the large comic hat) was too busy to chat, so I just stood alone looking at this amazing table.  Ceramic tiled with Ye Olde Automobiles transferred upon it.  He was only asking £15.00 for it.  I hope someone took it home with them for that price.

Jodi Jo Retro
Assorted handmade magnets, 25p each from Jodi Jo Retro:

Jodi Jo Retro I just think is super for all the crafting bits and bobs, and her magnets are kitsch heaven.  Which are 25p each.  Which, for you maths fans out there, is a quarter of one English pound.  I think these are wonderful.

Editor: thank you, Rowena - our very own Joanna Lumley-alike - for such a delightful and tempting selection, with everything from pocket-money purchases to a serious (and seriously gorgeous) investment piece! 

My name is Rowena (also known as @SquarePegShoes on Twitter).  And I am so old I can remember when Vintage was called Second Hand round our way.  As a child I didn't care much for Panini Sticker books to fill in and trade, I was far too busy raiding charity shops to complete my Abba on vinyl back catalogue.

And now I am a grown up (allegedly, as I still enjoy the odd sherbet fountain) but this love of nostalgia has not dissipated.  In fact it's probably got worse.

In May 2013 Attic Bazaar (here on Facebook and Etsy) started trading at The Vintage Village in an attempt to clear out my family's bulging loft.  The stall was a great success - it was launched with my lovely Aunt and Mother, but we did find we went home with items bought from other stallholders!

And that, to me, is what The Vintage Village is all about.  I've never been to one without returning home, at the very least, with a smile on my face.  That said, let's go and have a look see at all the things which caught my eye.

Aspidistra Vintage
1950s Paris-themed placemats, £10.00 from Aspidistra Vintage:

Next stop was Aspidistra Vintage who had on offer six rather adorable 50s placemats showing the tourist haunts of Paris.  Their price to you?  £10.00.  Most charming, but I was really after coasters to go on my new fab Fifties coffee table recently bought from VV favourites Snygg . . . onwards I press.

Plot 61a
1970s cake stand, £7.00 from Plot 61a:

Down by Plot 61a my sci-fi heart beats a little faster at the sight of a cake stand which reminds me very much of the opening sequence of ATV's Sapphire and Steel, which starred Joanna Lumley, who I look a little bit like in poor lighting and if you squint a fair deal.

The shapes of this terrific cake stand blew my tiny mind, and I knew it HAD to be mine.  Made by Palissy in the Toledo style.  At £7.00 it sold to me. Thanks ladies!

Cherrie Pie's Vintage Buys
Vintage hair grips, £4.00 each pack from Cherrie Pie's Vintage Buys:

Onwards to newcomers Cherrie Pie's Vintage Buys.  Girly things in a basket, in original packaging - it does funny things to me.  Sophisticated hair grips caught my eye, dating from the 1930s onwards and only £4.00 a packet?  Bargainous.  Cherrie and Savannah, the gals behind the Pie, were happy to be setting out their stall of retro beads and wedding dresses too.

White hand vase, £4.00 from RetroFunky:

Retrofunky had a white hand ceramic vase which I liked a lot because it looked like a dead ringer for the one Betty Draper in Mad Men has in her powder room.  For four English pounds this hand could be yours to go in your downstairs WC.  The glamour!

1960s tights from Allsortz:

At Allsortz I looked down at the tights on offer - I was immediately drawn to them.  The red packet struck me as the inspiration for Blondie's Hunter album where Debbie Harry wears a massive wig.  You may think I'm crazy for that observation but you tell me where else Debbie got her ideas from?  Case closed.

Vintage Pair
Assorted vintage beermats, 50p each from Vintage Pair:

At Vintage Pair I find a basket full of beer mats - I could be here all day.  I have a fondness for items marked under a £1.  The rummage begins.  So many breweries, so little time.

Eclectic Chair
Re-upholstered 1950s chair, £295.00 by Eclectic Chair:

I finish my Finds bumping into last month's Finder Stephen Marland.  I complain that I can't find the nice upholstery lady that I was so excited to see.  He coughs and points over my shoulder, and there was Eclectic Chair.  I am so blonde!  Kindly, he walks me over to perhaps the star of the fair, a vintage 1950s cocktail chair re-upholstered with African fabric.  A lot of pennies but undoubtedly worth it.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who keep supporting The Vintage Village, I do love it so.