Finds of the Fair 8th November 2015

When I was asked last month to be Finder of the Fair, I had no idea what it entailed but it sounded hugely exciting.  I get to find things? At the fair?  Sign me up.
I’m Gilly, a Stopfordian (I do believe that is the correct term) now living over’t Pennines in them thar York.  I discovered the Vintage Village just over 6 months ago on a visit to me mum’s as I am a huge 60s/70s clothing enthusiast…suffice to say my mum is seeing a lot more of her daughter these days. 

Inspired by all these lovely vintage sellers, over the Summer I decided I had far too many clothes that no longer fit my ever expanding bod, so decided to launch Silly Gilly Vintage.  I sell vintage and retro style clothes and accessories via eBay so far, but who knows what the future holds? My full-time job as a primary school teacher also keeps me out of trouble. Right, onto the goodies.

Vintage brass spider, £2.00 from A Vintage Affair:

Call this the one who got (or crawled?) away.  For £2.00 I should have snapped this up.  Ok, so Halloween is only just over, but whilst my mum was reminiscing about my grandma and the collection of brass bells she had on her mantelpiece, I was swooning over this little fella.

1980s metal calculator pendant on chain necklace, £3.00 from TinTrunk:

Now, I couldn’t let this bargain pass me by.  What screams 1980s more than a calculator?  I guess these days the kids want an iPad necklace... As a lover of kitsch jewellery I have to say a fair bit of my pocket money went in this brilliant store (no, I wasn’t paid to say this) but it was also lovely to learn that this was from Sarah of TinTrunk’s personal collection.  The detail is amazing, right to the engraving to form the flashing screen effect.  Awesome.

1970s Avon Looking Glass Cologne, £5.00 from Moor Vintage:

As a perfume lover, this caught my eye immediately.  Looking a little like a hairbrush, Avon were experimental in those days and created a perfume that would look exquisite on anyone’s dressing table, with a mirror on the reverse.  I regret not purchasing this but my funds were depleted at this point.  Sad face.

1970s Black sequinned floaty flared sleeved maxi dress, £10.00 from Make Do and Mend:

Ever the cheapskate, this has to be the bargain of the century.  I have probably looked for a dress like this for most of my adult life.  It has huge chiffon floaty sleeves.  It’s a maxi dress in the most flattering cut.  It has a sequinned bodice.  I thought I was sorted for my works’ Christmas do.  I thought wrong.  THIS IS THE DRESS!  The lovely Carol and Bryn of Make Do and Mend could not have been lovelier, and when I stepped out from the fitting room they seemed genuinely delighted to see their dress being ‘modelled’.  I also bought a pair of genuine black 70s platforms (that got away last time) for £12.00, so for £22.00 I am totally sorted for my Christmas party.  You wouldn’t get that at TopShop.

1960s Worcester Ware enamel serving trays, £9.00 each from All Our Yesterdays:

I love a good mid century bright floral design and in a 60s home these metal trays would look so striking.  I’m thinking ‘Abigail’s Party’ style cocktail parties with Babycham glasses adorning them…sigh…

Late 1960s Gina Fratini wool tweed coat with cape, £85.00 from Re-Loved:

At their first time at the Vintage Village, Mary of Re-Loved is modelling this stunning piece, which belonged to none other than herself in the late 60s!  Fran, also of Re-Loved told me she could imagine it being worn in an Emma Peel style, with a mini skirt and leather kid boots.  Sounds like my kinda outfit…

1960s style costume flower power ring, £3.00 from Sue Booth’s Sparkles:

My mum felt this colourful costume ring was very me on our last visit to the fair, and being as it was still there this time it had to be purchased.  Being as it was two items for a fiver, my mum made the most of this by also buying a super cute pig pin brooch.

1970s Peter Barron green chiffon belted maxi dress, £50.00 from Nostalgic Nights:

Whilst I did not have enough pennies to fork out for this beautiful specimen, everything about this dress is in my eyes, perfect.  The colour, the collar, the matching belt…this is a dress for someone to feel like a princess in.  Owner Rebecca was bursting with enthusiasm at her first ever vintage fair, and even showed me some of her hand-sewn Christmas stockings.  Put that dress in my Christmas stocking, and you’ve got yourself a deal.

1970s Biba grey, black and white bell-sleeved mini dress, £100.00 from Dabberdecades:

If I had a bulging bank balance and didn’t know where to spend it, I would look no further than this stall.  It’s like the stuff my dreams are made of – folk joke to me that I’m sometimes "up, up and away in my beautiful balloon" to quote a 60’s easy listening tune … well, if I am this dress and the other Biba and Mary Quant items on this stall are floating around there with me.  I mean, check out that PRINT!!!  Those huuuge bell sleeves!  To see clothes like this up front are a sight to behold, so the thought of some lucky soul taking this home is just too much to cope with.  Better check me numbers on the lottery …

If you actually want to hear more fawning over vintage goodness then come follow me on Instagram at @sillygillyvintage or on Twitter at @sillygillyvin. My eBay store is vintagesillygilly. See ya there!

1970s Slenderella quilted dressing gown, £12.00 from Timewarp:

Who doesn’t love a psychedelic quilted dressing gown?  This little Slenderella number caught my eye from a height as I perused the stalls.  I heard an old man laugh "Who on earth would wear that?!" which made me want it even more, until I thought on that clothes that no-one would really see me in would not be worth my pennies.  Still, for £12.00 this was an absolute bargain for a Mia Farrow in ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ wannabe.

1960s Italian glass vase, £30.00 from Essentially Eagle Vintage:

"Orange Dalek" was the extent of my knowledge of vintage glassware when I fell for this beauty, but luckily Gail of Essentially Eagle Vintage was on hand to fill in the gaps.  It is an Italian Empoli encased art glass vase in the hobnail style, created in different colours with one, two or no handles.  As a lover of orange, the abundance of this sunny colour is present at this fab stall so it was hard to choose a favourite thing, it has to be said.

1970s denim look flared trouser suit, £30.00 from RIPE:

As soon as I saw this I requested the waist size in a frenzy, as flares that fit are almost impossible to come by, so give me a suit and I’m dying.  But alas, too weeny.  I was informed that the short sleeved jacket was initially purchased at a fair, and then a little while later the trousers were in a shop being sold by the same lady.  What luck!  These stallholders are incidentally a lovely couple who I have purchased from at their Pear Mill Vintage Emporium outlet.

Fentiman’s Curiosity Cola, £2.50, omelette with jerk ham, tomato and onion, £3.00 from 7 Park Street:

Breaking away from the vintage goodies is not so hard when the delights of this lovely little haven of calm await you.  For a super cheap 3 quid you can have whatever you want in your omelette, and the extremely friendly Esther of 7 Park Street reeled off a myriad of culinary temptations.  The homemade jerk ham sounded amazing, but I was allowed to try a little at first.  Heck yeah!  Ever a fan of Fentimans’ beverages, I was thrilled to see Curiosity Cola on the menu.  Mum and I loved everything about the place; the hot dog shaped salt and pepper pots, the hippie glass, the comic strip tablecloth and the soothing 30’s music.  Oh, and the food. To. Die. For.

1950s Goblin Teasmade lamp, £3.005 from Granville’s:

The art deco style of this took my eye, and whilst it is no longer a working teasmade (bah, tea is overrated anyway) it is a pretty cool bedside lamp.  Simon of Granville’s was very knowledgeable about his goodies and told me they had modelled these teasmades as a nostalgic nod to the old Odeon cinemas of the 20s and 30s.  It definitely had a touch of Van Nest Polglase’s Astaire and Rogers’ sets about it.

1970s plastic pineapple ice bucket, £30.00 from Vintage Things Forever:

Ah ice buckets!  As a cocktail drinker I am an avid ice bucket fan, and this one took my eye in typically kitsch kitchenalia style.  This seemed a good price and Rebecca from ‘Nostalgia Nights’ also found the top to make a rather interesting hat so you’ve got double the usage there.

1960s fabric panel lampshade, £15.00 from Snygg:

This groovy piece could not fail to catch the eye of a psychedelic loving wannabe hippie such as meself.  Owner of Snygg (which is incidentally Swedish for cool and stylish, of course), Al Stone told me she makes these lampshades from 60s fabric panels.  Hoping this kinda talent will rub off on me if I hang around the Vintage Village long enough…

Early 1970s ‘The Boyfriend’ framed film poster, £40 from Strange Boutique:

I couldn’t walk past Twiggy now, could I?  But what made this Belgian poster all the more appealing to me was the film she plays in, ‘The Boyfriend’.  I remember getting all dressed up as a 20s flapper and performing this on stage in my dancing days.  From 1971, the whole look tallies with the direction Biba were also going in with their homage to the art deco days during this era.

1980s Work in Progress by Gladys Bagley Christmas Jumper, £10.00 from Gem’s Bits ‘n’ Bobs:

Ah, there had to be a Christmas mention somewhere in here.  Christmas jumpers seem to have made somewhat of a comeback over the last few years, but rather than the danger of turning up to ‘Christmas Jumper Day at Work’ (oh yes, this is now a thing) in the same Next jobby, what better than to own a piece of pre-worn Christmas history?  If that doesn’t convince, the sequin detailing on this is super pretty, and with a stocking full of toys, a snowman, a Santa and an Xmas ted, this epitomises all that is "merry and bright".  Owner Gemma’s stall never fails to amaze me with its interesting items, and she always goes above and beyond, getting to know her customers’ tastes.