Finds of the Fair 8th May 2016

This month's Finder stepped into the breach at short notice, so our fervent thanks to Alex of Snygg fame for taking on the mission.  Handing you over right now ...

On such a beautiful sunny day, it was colour that caught my eye most of all as I wandered around Vintage Village.

1960s drinking glasses and jug set, £?? from Boomerang Vintage & Retro:

It was great to see Boomerang returning to VV this month (has that joke been done?)  In fact, it was their summery, flowery drinking glasses that gave me the idea for my theme.  Those who know me and Alison are well aware that we occasionally indulge in a festive glass of weak lemon squash, and these would be ideal.

1960s German vase £?? and 1960s-70s tray £7.50 from Timewarp:

It was hard to choose something from Timewarp’s stand, which was a riot of colour.  But I liked the way this German vase stood out against the 1960s tray.  We all need more colour in our lives.

West German vase, £?? from Emily Rose Vintage:

Lovely to see this fairly scarce Scheurich ‘Mexico’ vase at Emily Rose Vintage.  We’re huge fans of West German Pottery, and this is a very good example.

1960s Portmeirion coffee set, £60.00 from Value Vintage:

I've seen this 'Greek Key' coffee set several times before, but never in blue.  It's a great colour combination, and a classic Susan Willams-Ellis design for Portmeirion.

Top job Alex, thanks again! 

And if you love vibrant, zingy colours you will be right at home at Snygg, purveyors of the finest - and grooviest - mid-century wares.  Find them on Twitter, Instagram and in real life at 20th Century Stores.

Don't ask, it's not for sale!

I had to get a snap of this restrained display of headlights on one of the marvellous scooters parked outside. If I could be trusted on a machine such as this, this is the machine I would have.

Sanderson's fabric, £?? from The Side Room:

Once again, The Side Room made me weak with envy with this luscious piece of ‘Arundel’ fabric designed by John Piper for Sanderson in 1960.  Based on Piper’s design for the stained glass windows for Oundle School, this fabric was commissioned for Sanderson’s centenary celebrations.  Gorgeous.

1966 Pick of Punch, £3.00 from Allsortz:

I must say, I nearly got my hand in my pocket a few times for the volumes of Pick of Punch I spotted at Allsortz.  In the end, I though I’d simply judge the book by its cover, and I love the design of this 1966 volume.  I love the typography, the illustration, the bands of colour.  And now I wonder why I didn’t fork out the measly £3 for it.  Oh well.

Selection of 1960s-70s fabric, various prices, from RIPE:

More vibrant fabric, this time a colourful selection round on Ripe’s stand. Very much to our taste.

1960s Seetusee by Mayfair glass dish, £?? from All Our Yesterdays:

I love a research challenge, and when Wayne from All Our Yesterdays asked me if I knew anything about the Seetusee by Mayfair glass dish so vibrantly displayed on his stand, I had to confess I knew nothing.  But I do now!  Made by one company in Canada, from 1960, Seetusee’s psychedelic patterns are made by handpainting the reverse of a glass dish and then backing the piece with pigskin.  You heard it here first!