Finds of the Fair 8th May 2011 Anne Louise

Art Deco-style earrings, £30, Mama J's Vintage Goods:
"These immediately caught my eye, even though they were quite small and on a wonderfully busy table.  I thought the shape and colour were striking.  Extremely Art Deco and elegant. I could imagine myself wearing these with a cigarette in a holder (not getting smoked as I don’t smoke, but holding it regardless just for effect as you do!)"

Fantastic picnic set, £40, Bygone Booty:
"This is entirely impressive.  Plastic, china, kitsch and colour.  A snazzy and perfect little two person picnic set for jaunts into the country.  Two flasks to fill with cocktails of choice and a plastic tub for your maltloaf and peanut butter butties.  Too cosy for words."

1960s pink floral headband, £3, One Man's Trash:
"This beautifully grabbed and highlighted the wonderful late afternoon sun that poured into the market hall yesterday.  The soft faded pink chiffon petals really appealed to me, and my niece Heather, who happened to be wearing a 20s style flapper dress that matched perfectly with it.  So she bought it. Little magpie that she is."

Turquoise blue sequinned top, So Boho Vintage:
"This hypnotised me like a siren from the deep as another customer stood looking at it, moving it so the sunlight glistened and swirled like a disco ball of beauty.  Had she not been about to buy it, I certainly would have. It’s just amazing."

Red Royal Doulton Flambé vase, £20, James Wilson:
"The colour, shape and overall style of this is very sexy and stylish.  I love the red marbling over the black with flashes of burnt yellow and blue.  It’s abstract movement would have me gazing and imagining visions for a while.  It could send me into a witch like trance if the moon was full.  It is striking and strong.  It would look impressive wherever it stood."

Miss Wong, £70, Retro UK:
"What a true vintage honey.  A killer queen of sheer suspense.  She cast a spell on me and made me take her picture.  Fated to forever be immortalised in frame, she really is a classic.  Just when you think you have her sussed, another colour or shadow moves you to change you mind.  Just beautiful."

Whitefriar-esque glass table lighter, £20, Norwegian Wood:
"I am not a closet smoker but we did love the elegance of this lighter.  The texture and colour again were fantastic.  We justified buying it to light the many tea lights we have around the house.  This will add a 1950s boardroom edge to the scene.  Powerful and stylish and doing the job well."

Due to a misunderstanding - I won't bore you with the details! - we ended up with two finders this month - a double bonus!

And what a bonus.  We are big fans of this lady!

Anne Louise Kershaw writes her own 365 blog and writes, designs and edits for an educational publishers.  A feminist, occasional poet, enthusiastic taker of pictures and constant tea drinker (unless cocktails are on the scene), Anne Louise is a total charity shop fiend and vintage tinkerer.

“The way you dress yourself and the spaces that surround you is a fabulous means of expression.  I am always experimenting and changing my look and style and thoroughly encourage others to do the same.  Second hand and vintage allows you to pick and choose from all that has been rather than be told what to wear by the High Street.  It provides you with a whole history of  tools with which to create your own unique and individual look, even if that changes on a whim, with a side glance or the sip of a cocktail. I totally love it."

Anne Louise was fortunate enough to be accompanied by her adorable niece Heather, who made a fine model for a couple of her fantastic finds.  Check out her style below!

Don't miss Anne Louise's 365 blog, and you can follow her on Twitter.

UPDATE!: read Anne Louise's marvellous account of her day at the fair here.

Franz Plate, £7.50, Cyprys Antiques & Collectables:
"This is cosy and kitsch.  I love the shape and colour and the lovely little bee in the corner.  I think this would work brilliantly on a dressing table with the dress jewels of the day draped over it."

Acid yellow footstool, £35, Imogen Peers:
"These footstools caught our eye and supported our bottoms as soon as we saw them.  Hand made, they combine a vintage vibe, all velvet, boudoir and pom poms, yet the contrasting colours of the jet black and acid yellow are really sharp and modern.  A perfect mix of feminine and masculine.  Both me and Kevin adored it on sight.  We loved it.  We bought it.  We will sip week day cocktails while our feet rest upon it for many years to come."

Sklo Czechoslovakian glass vase, £35, Norwegian Wood:
"The colour and bubbly shape of this immediately grabbed my attention, like a honey lozenge of class, glass and glamour reaching out to be mauled.  Although this is a vase (I think) I think a tea light in this would make its heart shine from the inside out.  The rich honey colour is fantastic.  The Queen Bee herself would have this on her bedside table."

Lanvin brooch, £35, So Boho Vintage:
"I handled, oggled and mauled this several times.  It is trashy, brassy and bold and I love it.  It makes me think of feathers, dark clubs, cabaret.  Again a cigarette in a long holder comes to mind.  Oh the false and fabulously over dressed elegance of it."

Gloves, stretcher and bag, £40, Mama J's Vintage Goods:
"These have a natural, organic beauty.  They are delicate and small and lovely.  I love the idea of needing the stretcher and bag for each pair of gloves you own.  Very functional and intricate yet comforting like warm, buttered toast."

Pillbox headband with veil, £8, Pillbox Vintage:
"This I found very appealing as it embraces so much classic vintage elegance, yet it totally easy to wear and adaptable.  The beautiful polka dot veil is timeless, yet can be worn with the most ordinary of things to add glamour and an edge to your outfit.  A beautiful blue velvet to perfect it."