Finds of the Fair 8th March 2020

Hello! I'm Catherine Louise.  I've been one of the regular visitors to the Vintage Village fair for about seven years.  The traders, other visitors and the location make the atmosphere so lovely it has always felt like a social event, not just a trip to a fair.

This is my second finders 'mission' and I've enjoyed doing it again; but it's so hard to narrow down the finds to 15 items!

Sunday was both the Spring Fair and International Women's Day, the weather was suitably seasonal - sunny with occasional showers and a bit windy.

Looking at the finds, I think I've subconsciously picked some seasonal colours and patterns.  Hope you will enjoy them too.

1970s Womble soft toy, £10.00 from Jane Hamilton:

I grew up with Rupert Bear, Bagpuss and Mr Benn; but I didn't miss the popularity of The Wombles. With their environmentally-friendly lifestyles it's no surprise they are having a TV comeback very soon.  I don't remember there being a biker Womble, but I'm sure he'd feel at home at next month's Fair.

Vintage birthday cards, 50p each from Graham's Paper:

I love vintage stationery.  When people used visitors cards and sent notes and letters.  I thought the pictures and trimmings on these cards were lovely and very seasonal.  Graham always has a wonderful collection of cards, letters, programmes and all kinds of paper things on his stall.

Print of Mucha poster for Job cigarette papers, £15.00 from RDC Arts:

I like both Art Nouveau and Art Deco, and Alphonse Mucha is a favourite of mine.  This is a print of a poster design from 1896 (Job was a cigarette paper company - Joseph Bardou), but I think commercial art back in Mr Mucha's days was so pretty.  There was also a lovely Mucha print from a Sarah Bernhardt play.

Silver Scenes clock, £15.00 from BRG Collectables:
I thought this was a lovely floral design, the border pattern reminded me of Charles Rennie Macintosh and I love dragonflies.  Behind the frame there was a verse -
"Deep in the sun-searched growths the dragonfly, hangs like a blue thread loosened from the sky," which is part of a poem by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

1920s P.G. Wodehouse book "A Gentleman of Leisure", Herbert Jenkins edition, £8.00 from Paul Crompton:

I love books, especially old ones.  This one appealed to me particularly for its dedication printed inside.  P.G. Wodehouse originally published this book in 1910, in 1911 Douglas Fairbanks Snr (one of my heroes of silent films) was in a stage version.  So the 1921 edition was dedicated to him.

Ceramic flower brooches, £2.00 to £5.00 each from The Side Room:

This basket of ceramic brooches made me think of both Spring and Summer with their vibrant colours. So many lovely 'bouquets' to choose from.

Art Deco ceramic canister, £20.00 from Blackies (Rita):

The Art Deco fan design on the lid reminds me of the artwork at The Plaza, one of my favourite places in Stockport. It also has a lovely seasonal floral pattern.  We were wondering what treats might have been kept inside.

Kimono style robe, £24.00 from Garbo Antiques:

This robe had such a lovely print and the colours just seemed perfect for a Spring Fair.  It made me think of the house pyjamas that some ladies wore in the 20s and 30s when they could float round the house and recline on their sofas.  Lucky them!  This robe would be perfect for that.

Pair of Art Nouveau brass vases, £39.00 from Dolly Dragonflies:

The Art Nouveau design is lovely, and the shape of the vases is unusual, it made me think of WWI. They would make a very special display on a mantlepiece or sideboard.

Wedgwood tureens, £18.00 and £20.00 from Allsortz:

I like cookery and enjoy (trying) to follow vintage recipes and (trying) to get my family to sit and have dinner 'properly' at the table.  Naturally, I do like looking at all the vintage cookery items at the fairs.  The books, moulds, cookery tools etc.  These tureens were both practical and pretty, I can imaging carrying them to the table.  Allsortz had several beautiful vases and dishes.

1900s oak stationery box, £95.00 from Past To Present:

One of the many vintage things I like is writing and stationery items, so this box immediately caught my eye.  It would keep all your letters and stationery safe, and it has its own ink bottle and places for your pens and stamps.

NFU Lancashire Ladies Social Section pin badge, £4.00 from Moor Vintage:

I find old association badges and banners very interesting. I didn't realise there was a Social Section to the NFU.  A good day to learn something new about women's history.

Victorian tea set, £20.00 from Hessian:

Afternoon tea or tea beside the river (Like Ratty & Mole in Wind in the Willows) is an idyllic idea to me, something special that doesn't happen very often.  There's always lots of lovely china at the Vintage Village, but this pattern and colour appealed to me - it even had a bit of pattern inside the cups.  I think it would be perfect for a Springtime tea party.

Days Gone, Showman's Collection - Anderton & Rowlands Carousel and Burrell's Steam Wagon, £20.00 from Duncan:
I like vintage fairgrounds, especially the gallopers.  I've always enjoyed going on them, admiring the artwork and the organ as I ride round.  I like model railways too so this ticks both boxes as this model is scaled for a railway set.

Popular Music and Dancing Weekly, November 24th 1934, £2.50 from TinTrunk:

Music and reading are two of my favourite hobbies and I like old music as much as old books.  I've looked at copies of this magazine before and this one caught my eye on Sunday because of Mood Indigo, a Duke Ellington piece that I really enjoy.