Finds of the Fair 8th January 2017

1930s clown Bridge card game ashtrays, £7.00 from Emily Rose Vintage:

Aren't these ace!!  These two little cheeky choppers caught my eyes straight away amongst all the other amazing things here at Emily Rose Vintage.  I’ve bought from here before on my other visits.  There's a great mix of everything here including a large selection of brooches and vintage milk bottles.  I could not leave these behind - as usual I had my little stash and came back to pay at the end with PayPal, hehe.

1930s Snow White jigsaw, £4.00 from BRG Collectables:

As soon as I got to this little corner I was already filled with excitement seeing all the little things laid on the table.  I knew I'd be spending money here.  A lovely gentleman called Barry (same name as my Dutchman) presided.  Straight away I spotted the Snow White jigsaw - I had to have it!!  I needed it, haha!  So many lovely little things; little dolls in bottles, vintage travel sweetie tins, little flowers in pots, cute chocolate box - I bought it all, and all at bargain prices!!  I even spotted a cactus tin made by Peek Freans for Katie, who was with me that day.  We both walked away with smiley faces, so chuffed!  Can't wait to see what he'll have next month.

Red rose bead necklace, £6.00 from Sue Booth’s Sparkle:

This gorgeous red necklace certainly caught my eye as I love floral beads.  I have the plastic pop-it ones in this style in many different colours.  I had to restrain myself, but hopefully someone will have snapped them up.

1960s yellow plastic pig bottle, £5.00 from Snygg:

Finally, out I come for a quick cup of tea.  I walked over to see if I could meet Sarah at 20th Century Stores to say thank you for inviting me.  Again I could feel myself getting giddy as soon as I walked in - I spotted something I wanted straight away!!  A large yellow plastic pig!!  I nearly screamed!!  How often do you see a yellow pig?  Plastic too!!  Reserved it and carried on walking as I was running out of time as I was getting picked up in 20 minutes!  Arrrrrgggghhh!!  I wasn't ready to go!!

Wine/picnic carrier, £25.00 from Village Vintage Clothing:

As I leave, I spot this lovely picnic/wine carrier!!  How unusual to see compartments to hold wine!!  I know my Dutchman would love this seeing that he has a wine shop!  Would love to go out on a picnic and be seen with this sexy little number, a bargain at £25.00 too!  Maybe next time if I'm lucky, it would make a great birthday present for him.

With my heart still inside the store it was time to go as I also had to trace back my footsteps to all the stalls I held a stash with and pay up.  I had such a wonderful time!!  Saw lots of treasures, spent a lot and laughed a lot too!!

Hi I'm Susie this month's Finder of the Fair.  I was so excited to be asked by Sarah as I've only been three times and each time I visit I leave on a high!!  It also gave me an afternoon to myself to go crazy!!  Spend more!!

I've been a bartender for 14 years but just consultancy these days and working part time at my other half's wine shop in Prestwich.  In May last year I decided to sell vintage myself as I found bar work was getting more difficult with two young children so I gave up bartending in the city.  I love getting on the train for a day out finding treasures for my lovely followers on Instagram, trading as lollipops_vintage.

I love kitschy vintage, piggy ornaments, 70s-80s toys, mid century, tiny things, jewellery/toy jewellery, tins, anything that's lucite and celluloid excites me.  I love dolls too!  I have a lovely collection of Roddy Dolls.  I tend to go round fairs looking for the above.

1970s Snow White toy watch, £25.00 from All Our Yesterdays:

Oh my gosh!!!  I absolutely love this stall!  I could just spend all day here, Wayne's got so much stuff I want; toys, dolls, lots of Christmas decorations, books and collectibles - all at bargain prices too!  On my very first visit to VV two years ago it was my 40th birthday and it was the Christmas fair, the perfect time to come!  I was spoilt!  I remember seeing this Snow White toy watch (she's my favourite Disney princess and I love toy watches/jewellery!!)  My other half promised to get it for me but we completely forgot as we left.  So this time it came home with me at a discounted price too.  I spent most of my money - and time - flirting haha - at Wayne's stall.  I also picked up the cutest pearlised snow man ever!!  And more ...

1930s ceramic crinoline lady, £10.00 from Allsortz:

As I was slowing moving away from Wayne's stall - with my eyes at the back of my head, haha - I turned and spotted my two favourite colours together!!  Pink and green!!  How lovely is this little lady?!  She might not have the prettiest of faces but these colours make up for it.  I nearly picked her up.

Blue and white Indian boy enamel bowl, £25.00 from Blue Cat Vintage:

One of my favourite colours is blue!  And I also love enamel!!  How gorgeous is this bowl with the cutest little face!!  A beautiful display piece, this brought back memories of when I visited my grandma in Hong Kong when I was seven - I loved the floral enamel bowl she used to have in her bathroom.  I think she used it to wash her face.  Really regret not picking this up, hope it's still there next month.

Peek Freans birdie tin, £4.00 from Mad Hatton's Vintage:

Oh I do love a pretty tin!  I spot them straight away, especially ones made by Peek Freans, they're always so pretty.  Look at those gorgeous colours.  This was in great condition, couldn't help myself, it had to come home with me.

1930s-40s lucite trinket box,  £18.00 (and green hollow faceted bead necklace £7.50) from TinTrunk:

Walking quickly and trying to have a nosey at the stalls I finally find Sarah.  Oh my, what a lovely shop full of costume jewellery, vintage luggage, homeware and textiles.  My heart was beating fast at this point, looking at the time.  I spot the lucite - this word excites me so much! - trinket boxes!!  I want one!!  So I went for the powder pink one.  Arrgghhhh, so much to see, so little time!  Then I turn and see this amazing green necklace!!  Yes I'll have that too please.  So lovely to finally meet Sarah.  I will be definitely be visiting again during the week when I'm off.

Have we ever had a more enthusiastic Finder?  I don't think so!  Our thanks to the effervescent Susie for taking us vintage shopping with her.

If you would like to have a go at being our Finder of the Fair, just get in touch!