Finds of the Fair 8th December 2013

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Well, what a lovely way to spend a Sunday that was!  I was feeling a little under the weather when we left the house, but I soon perked up when I arrived at the market hall (thanks to a lovely coffee from Kandoo!)

Sheila's Store
1960s-70s St Michael smoking jacket, £20.00 from Sheila's Store:

. . . this fantastic smoking jacket?  I’m wearing a smoking jacket right now, I can highly recommend them for tarting about the place in.

The Lost and The Found
Train tin toy, £30.00 from The Lost and The Found:

This being the Christmas Fair, I had my eye out for some prospective presents, and I would love to find this little train waiting for me under the tree, it’s absolutely perfect.

All Our Yesterdays
1950s toy pram, £55.00 from All Our Yesterdays:

Or, another possible Christmas present would have been this fantastic toy pram from All Our Yesterdays - they just don’t make children’s toys as good-looking as this anymore, it’s a real shame.

1970s lamp base (£85.00) and shade made using original 1970s fabric (£55.00) from Snygg:

There’s something really fun about Snygg’s lamps - they make me want to watch Danger! Diabolik and buy a sheepskin rug.  This one is so stylish and kitsch, I just love it.

Bus Stop Vintage
1960s Welsh pure wool tweed coat, £65.00 from Bus Stop Vintage:

. . . and this amazing coat that I regret not buying now, it’s such a great print.

Simmy's Collectables
Early 20th century desk ink stand, £30.00 from Simmy's Collectables:

Keep it between you and me, but I have this soft spot for old writing equipment, and this little ink stand really caught my eye.  Can’t you just imagine lounging about at home, writing your memoirs on this, and wearing . . .

BRG Collectables
Dormy rubber stamp ink pad, £2.00 from BRG Collectables:

I love the lettering on old tins, so this ink pad was a big hit with me.

Heirloom Rose
Silk scarves, £6.00 each from Heirloom Rose:

One of these scarves from Heirloom Rose would have made a pretty refined gift.

Vintage Things Forever
Set of four 1950s Melamine tea cups and saucers, £8.00 from Vintage Things Forever:

I could have spent a fortune at Vintage Things Forever, she had some amazing retro-style teacups that you can imagine finding modern equivalents of for triple the price.

Late 1960s Liberty print men's shirt, £30.00 from Munkispanner:

It’s hard sometimes to find truly vintage clothes, but The Vintage Village had an amazing range - a beautiful Liberty Print shirt . . .

Blue Cat Jewellery
1950s-60s white parasol, £30.00 from Bluecat Jewellery:

I think my favourite find was this parasol though; it’s delicate and feminine in a way you just don’t see anymore.  Shame we so rarely have enough sunshine to have to hide from under one of these, it was gorgeous.

We took some pies home from Lord of the Pies, which got the fella’s stamp of approval, and I bought a hand whisk from Vintage Things Forever that will be helping me make cakes and eggnog.  A lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon, hope to see you all next month!

Editor:  You've certainly found something delightful for everyone this month, with some excellent Christmas gift ideas.  Many thanks for taking us on such an enjoyable tour of your highlights of the fair, Riven!