Finds of the Fair 8th April 2012

Apparently Andrew Roberts had so much fun on his first stint as a Finder back in February last year, he volunteered himself for another go at it!

And we were more than delighted to agree - our enthusiasm justified by the superb selection of covetable pieces he has found below.

To refresh your memory, here is Andrew's updated mini-bio:

Andrew attended two-thirds of a fashion degree at Huddersfield University before deciding it wasn't quite right for him.  He's had an internship with a London designer, then worked in retail and then spent some years as a brand manager for a British heritage sport/fashion brand.

He now works as a design protection consultant for various fashion labels.

Andrew has a keen interest in fashion, product design and architecture.  Other passions include disco and collecting sunglasses and bow ties.

Follow him on Twitter: @aroberts77

Now feast your eyes on his fantastic Finds of the Fair!

Cigarette box, £14 from Populuxe, at Room At The Top Vintage Goods:

"Smoking is a bit of a taboo subject these days, but in it's heyday of the 50s, 60s and even 70s - when everybody smoked - lots of nice items were made to go with the pursuit.  Fancy ashtrays, lighters and of course nice little boxes like this to have out on your coffee table."

Garbo Antiques
1970s fur coat, £45 from Garbo Antiques:

"Fur is a quite controversial issue and although I'm not too keen on the modern use of fur, this is vintage and it would be a shame to not make use of something that is perfectly good and was made at a time when it was fashionable.  The 70s is an era that I love, particularly for the music and the ladies' fashion.  This is a beautiful coat and evokes that glamour of the 70s.  The label in the lining claimed it was made from French rabbits, I suppose in it's time it would have given the wearer some status."

Harwood Brown
Brass fox door knocker, £15 from Harwood-Brown:

"I have a bit of a thing for images of foxes, I don't collect them (yet), but the humble fox seems to be one of those animals that can be stylised very well.  I think it's the same with horses.  Apparently I'd just missed out on a horse knocker too!"

La Vintage Vantage
Cat plate (I think the maker was Poole), £2.50 from La Vintage Vantage:

"Pictures of cats on plates surrounded by flowers are so twee and chintzy.  I adore them in a 'so wrong they're right' way.  This cat has to be one of the most po-faced subjects I have ever come across.  He looks totally unimpressed with his poppy surround."

All Our Yesterdays
Biscuit barrel, £6 from All Our Yesterdays:

"This has got to have been one of the grandest biscuit barrels that I have ever seen.  It makes having a cup of tea and a biscuit quite the occasion!"

Lisa Mouncey
Hand printed bone china plates by Lisa Mouncey, prices ranged from £15 - £20:

"I thought these were really nice.  They had a modern 'urban art' feel about them.  A dark, quite hard graphic, placed on a delicate bone china plate.  I could never eat off them, I'd just hang them up and look at them."

Donald & Miss June
1960s Rolleiflex TLR Camera, £200 from Donald & Miss June Vintage at Room At The Top Vintage Goods:
"I've just upgraded myself to a DSLR camera and although I'm still finding my way around it, I'm enjoying snapping away but I am no camera aficionado.  This, however, I had to have as one of my Finds.  I can't tell you if the camera was rare or mass produced or any of its 1960s calibre, but what I can tell you is that as an object in it's own right, taking aside what it is and what it's for, it's just beautiful.  Every part of it during the design process has been thought about, the dials, the lens surrounds, even the font . . . everything.  It's handsome."

All Mod Cons
1960s light shade, £12 from All Mod Cons:

"I was nearly taking this home, but I've nowhere to put up so it would have been a shame to leave it in a cupboard, unseen.  I love the colour and the patterning on the plastic surround.  It's perfectly modern and proves that a simple design, done well, will last."

Tibetan Kitchen
Sesame chicken and a beef Momo (dumpling), £6 from Tibetan Kitchen:

"I couldn't go Finding on an empty stomach, I'd have found it hard to concentrate.  This hit the spot perfectly and was gorgeous!"

Black Cat Vintage
1940s gentleman's grooming set, £18 from Black Cat Vintage:

"The modern gentleman seems to have embraced grooming and now the men's grooming industry is big big business.  In the 40s it was probably very normal to be well turned out at all times but with much less fuss of lotions and potions.  Neatly combed hair, clean shoes and lint-free clothing was all a gentleman needed to keep looking dapper."