Finds of the Fair 25th September 2011

All Our Yesterdays
1950s/early 1960s Miniature vanity case manicure set, £6 from All Our Yesterdays:

This makes me want to start singing 'New York, Paris, London, Munich, everybody talk about POP MUSIC'!  It's a divine little item, in great condition, and would make a very appropriate gift for a keen - and glamorous - traveller.

Eclecta Books
The Press Gang or The Escaped Apprentice: An Operetta for Children by Nancy and Alan Bush, published by Workers' Music Association Ltd, £5 from Eclecta Books:

I suspect that this was an attempt at indoctrinating young children in left-wing values through the medium of song - right on, comrades!  Worth it just for the cover illustration alone.  A fascinating piece of social history.

Agnes Darling
1920s tapestry handbag, £8 from Agnes Darling:

A screaming bargain!!  This exquisite little bag is at least 80 years old, a real collector's item and in fabulous condition.  I can't believe that I didn't buy it myself.

Vintage Retro Kitsch
1970s shaggy Moon Boots, £40 from Vintage Retro Kitsch:

Someone's nicked Chewbacca's feet!  I'm sure this pick will divide readers, but I reckon they're pretty spectacular and very much 'of their time.'  They're also probably the warmest footwear EVER.
UPDATE!: as worn by George Harrison in 1974!

Men's wooden shoe forms, £5 each or £9 the pair from Serendipity:

Real curiosities these.  I think they were possibly for keeping ankle boots in shape, but I'm not sure.  They might have some completely different purpose!

Laurette's Vintage Fashion
1980s grey suede blouse with black leather details, £15 from Laurette's Vintage Fashion:

Can't believe I've picked another 80s piece because I'm not that keen on the decade, having made my most mortifying fashion mistakes during that era.  This was beautifully made - in Israel, curiously - and the suede was incredibly soft and supple.  Plus points: big wide sleeves, side button collar that looks good open or done up, immaculate finishing and a unique style.  The right person could really make this work.

The Finder for our Salford Museum pop-up fair was, er, me.  Someone (me) forgot to line up a guest Finder so you'll have to put up with a last-minute substitute (me).

According to the rules I impose on all our guest finders, I'm supposed to give you a brief bio, so here goes:

I'm Sarah, one half of The Vintage Village Ltd., and I've always been interested in old things.  Since childhood I've gone through numerous collecting obsessions and we were always surrounded by - and dressed in - second-hand bargains at home.  It wasn't called 'vintage' then.  Mum later had a very well-loved vintage clothes shop called 20th Century Frocks in Lincoln, which I was intermittently involved in (read 'interfered in').

I tried to give up collecting by going to study the history of design but that didn't work and somehow I've found myself helping organise and promote vintage fairs.  It feels like I'm back where I belong!

You can find my vintage trader alias over here.

Mama J's Vintage Goods
1920s bowler hat, £30 from Mama J's Vintage Goods:

These are getting harder to find now, especially if you can find one in a modern head size (like everything else, our heads seem to have grown bigger over the generations!)  No respectable city-dwelling gent should be without one.

All Mod Cons
1950s French 'atomic' coat hooks, £35 from All Mod Cons:

I've seen a lot of these 'atomic' coat hooks in my time, but not any made of heavy-duty wrought iron with coloured knobs as big as snooker balls!  This would make a wonderful feature in someone's hallway, if their walls were strong enough to bear that weight.

Donald & Miss June
1970s avocado green melamine set, £10 from Donald & Miss June:

I adore melamine and have a heaving great boxful of the stuff to prove it.  This set is in that classic 70s shade of avocado that evokes memories of those unfairly reviled bathroom suites that everyone slings out at the first opportunity.  Ideal for camping holidays, or - even better - for stowing in your VW camper van.

Two For Joy
1980s Clarks Fashion Match vinyl handbag, £12 from Two For Joy Vintage:

This would have had a matching pair of shoes available to buy with it - a service that would be a good idea to revive again.  Are you listening, Clarks?  Plenty going for this piece - unusual colour combination that somehow works, lovely shape, vaguely Art Decoish appliqué decoration, neat and clean condition.

Dolly Anna Does
Wool plaid short sleeved shirt, £15 from Dolly Anna Does:

Plaid shirts are pretty ubiquitous these days, I'll admit, but this one is by the venerable American company Pendleton - did you know the Beach Boys were originally called The Pendletons because they were such huge fans of the shirts?  If you HAVE to have a vintage plaid shirt, I'd recommend this one.

Eclecta Books
Poisonous Fungi by John Ramsbottom, first edition published 1945, £3 from Eclecta Books:

Call me superficial, but I'm less interested in poisonous fungi than I am in that wonderfully lurid cover.