Finds of the Fair 14th October 2018

Your gracious hosts for this month's Finds of the Fair, please welcome Miss 'Baby' Jane Hudson and her sister Blanche.

1950s long mink coat, £30.00 from A Vintage Dawn:

Here I am modelling this divine fully lined mink, brings out my eyes you know?

A showbiz friend of mine once said “A woman’s mink coat represents the sacrifice of a lot of little animals, including her husband”.  I wouldn’t know, I never married.  I had to stay home and look after my sister but that’s another story.  Anyway here the coat is, and doesn’t it scream 1950s chic?  Perfect for the winter months and it goes with everything!

French crucifix, £8.00 from We Used To Have One Of Those:

It really wouldn’t be a Scary Fair without finding a crucifix would it?

This was a beautifully gothic one from France and it even had J.C. on it - no, not Joan Crawford ... Jesus Christ.  It was beautifully carved and Jesus was very detailed.  Here’s Blanche clutching it.

Bottle brush Christmas tree, £6.00 from RetroFunky:

Now Christmas isn’t that far away, and what says Christmas more than a Christmas tree?  I can’t let Blanche near a real one - she gets too excited - so this is the perfect alternative!  It’s cute, small and hand made from beautiful materials!  A definite must for any vintage Christmas lover.

1940s egret feather hatpin, £10.00 from Mama J's Vintage Goods:

Now this was just screaming “wear me Jane”.  This unusual hat pin is the perfect accessory to decorate your vintage hat whilst also helping keep it on your head in the windy autumn months.  Made from felt and fine curled feathers, it had a understated stylish charm.

Handmade scented Halloween candles in vintage vessels, £5.00 from Ophelia Button's Emporium:

These candles are spooky in the cutest way possible.  They have toadstools, pom-poms and, most importantly, glitter.  They also smell of pumpkin spice!

Perfect little treats for friends or, in my case, fans.  I have one burning now and it smells delicious.

Quick fire portraits, £8.00 by A Heavy Soul:

Blanche and I thought it was about time we had a picture together, something to commemorate our time at the Vintage Village.  We met the artist Andrea Joseph who told us she had never painted anyone as beautiful as us in her life.  We agreed.

It was unusual to have our portraits done.  Usually it’s a dazzling flash of paparazzi cameras and we're done, but it was very enjoyable and a pleasure to sit and chat, and come away with a unique souvenir.

Hello!  I’m Baby Jane Hudson.  For years and years the Vintage Village have been begging me and my big fat movie star sister Blanche to come down and visit them, so I thought why not go down and add a touch of Hollywood glamour to the event?
There’s nothing I love more that buying beautiful vintage things for our mansion.  Blanche doesn’t get out much since the accident, she really couldn’t wait to see all the unusual items that she could spend her pocket money on.

So I chucked Blanche in her wheelchair and off we went.  These are some of things we found!

1960s Welsh wool blanket, £100.00 from The Side Room:
Here’s Blanche modelling this superb blanket, the perfect thing for over her lap on her rare days out.  Alternatively it would also look lovely on your sofa or bed.  The perfect colours for the autumn season!  And it’s reversible ... two in one.  Now if that isn’t canny I just don’t know what is!

1960s miniature kitsch fox ornament, £4.00 from Kitsch Katz:

Now, I have a real love for small cute things, I like to adorn my dressing table with them.  Isn’t this just the cutest little fox you ever did see?  He’s even dressed for the occasion in his smart bow tie.  The guys at Kitsch Katz always have cute items like this, so you collectors know who to go to.

Marilyn Monroe cut out standee, £10.00 from Anna’s Attic:

Here we are with a life size cardboard cut out of Miss Marilyn Monroe.  I believe she’s originally from a video store - does anyone else miss video rentals?

It was always so exciting looking at the rows of videos and occasionally finding a dusty copy of some forgotten black and white gem.  I feel sorry for Marilyn in this photo, she just can’t compare to my beauty!

Vintage Oriental lacquer vase, £5.00 from Rita Black:
Blanche loved this large lacquer work vase that depicts flying cranes so much that I let her buy it for her bedroom.  I had no choice, I couldn’t prise it from her hands and I didn't want any tantrums.  It doesn’t show in the photograph but the illustration on the vase was in a vibrant gold that catches the light and catches your eye.

That’s it for you Blanche, all spent up now ain’t ya?

1950s Italian pottery shell, £10.00 from Essentially Eagle Vintage:

Here I am listening to the ocean in this colourful Italian shell.  It reminds me of when Blanche and I were children and daddy would take us to the seaside.  He’d buy me a ice cream and I’d give Blanche the end of the cone - those were the days!

1950s Vernon Ward framed print, £35.00 from Aspidistra Vintage:
This is a painting by Vernon Ward of me in a early film role I had in “Darlings of the Ballet”.  He had a great eye for beauty and colour, and is well known for his paintings of birds.  As you can see, this bird has only improved with age. 

If you look closely you will see Alex, the seller of the picture, in the reflection.  When not selling her beautiful wares she’s taking pictures - you’ll see her tottering around probably snapping some picture of a unusual ash tray or exquisite shoe horn.  These artistic types see beauty in anything, don’t they?

Well I enjoyed the event very much and saw lots of beautiful things, met some extremely loving fans and it got Blanche out of the house for a while.  The Vintage Village is the place to be.

[Editor here]  Consider us honoured to be visited by Hollywood royalty!  Our humble thanks to the luminous evergreen stars Miss Baby Jane Hudson and her sister Blanche.  Their exquisite taste is an example to us all.

These ladies were too polite to express their disappointment that their favourite vintage traders, Balmer and Stanley, were not in attendance at this fair.  However you can find them on Instagram and browse their wares on Etsy.  We strongly recommend that you do!